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Local buses are extremely cheap and they run almost everywhere (some remote areas they won't but those will be the places where hitching a ride will be extra-easy). Don't take buses that are meant for tourists, they are very expensive and run foreign or luxurious economy instead of local. There's also trains and they are disgustingly cheap, but be prepared for looong (but beautiful) trips.


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Sleeping in the wild in Sri Lanka is safe and easy (you'll find it especially easy and comforting if you come straight from India). Beaches are a perfect choice, you don't even need a tent,if it's not monsoon season. Don't worry about resorts, most of the time you can even sleep near the entrance of those fancy beach gardens, I myself got sometimes invited by the nightguards to sleep nearby 'because it's safer'. Sri Lanka is safe, except for some seldom and non-aggressive pickpocketing which might happen in more inhabited areas, such as cities or very touristic beaches. Wild camping in the countryside is a bit harder due to the continuous rains, but very possible. No (legal) wild camping in national parks.

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As long as you stick to the local restaurants there's plenty of choice and (as feb 2019) you will rarely pay more than 200 or 300 rupees for a meal (and less quite often). If you go to touristic restaurants not only the food will be much worse (no kidding,they invest in giving the dish a nice fancy appearance but no good cooking) but the prices will be unreasonably inflated. Plenty of choice and delicious food for vegans and vegetarians.


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Easy to get online. In Colombo you can get a 2 moths extension (it will take you a whole morning for that)


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