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Name Synergie Hub + Décentrale[[name::Synergie Hub + Décentrale|]]
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Synergie Hub + Décentrale is a openspace[[type::openspace|]] in In city::St-Imier[[located in::St-Imier|]] , Mont-Soleil[[located in::Mont-Soleil|]] (In country::Switzerland)[[located in::Switzerland|]].

"Décentrale, an open space for collective change"

Mont-Soleil is a small hamlet at the edge of the Franche Montagne high-plateau in the Jura mountains of Switzerland. It is part of the community of St-Imier. Mont-Soleil is known in Switzerland for its educational eco-tourism offerings and as a show case for solar and wind energy technologies and installations as part of the Swiss Energy Park. It is at the heart of the Chasseral Nature Park.

The Espace Noir is of special cultural importance for the region, since during the 19th century the anti-authoritarian or anarchist movement was particularly strong in this region. In 1872 the Fédération Jurassienne, which had strong support in Saint-Imier, organized a congress in Saint-Imier at which the Anti-authoritarian International Workingmen's Association or Anti-authoritarian International was founded.

The Synergiehub is an open network that invites you to participate in projects for fair economy, grassroots governance, free education and citizen journalism. The projects include activities in the domains of agriculture, housing, health and technology. We strive to co-create a future that embraces Permaculture principles in all aspects of life. Wherever you are, at home or on the road, you are where you need to, to be involved. We work glocally around the world and from the Décentrale, an old art-nouveau villa that you can come and stay at and make your part-time home.

The Décentrale property on Mont-Soleil, Switzerland is the home of no one and the part-time home of many. It is an open space used by many projects that are self-organised through the Synergiehub. The property is owned by the non-profit Permavillages association, administered by the Coopérative Décentrale and is itself self-organised through the Synergiehub as well. At the heart of the one hectare property, an old art-nouveau villa houses up to 16 people and provides workshop rooms, the kitchen and social living space. The surrounding park offers additional shelter in the form of tiny houses, caravan, tipi and yurt. The mix of park trees, open meadows and forest provide a good opportunity to develop an edible forest garden.


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