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Name Tamera[[name::Tamera|]]
Type Ecovillage
Website URL::http://www.tamera.org
Started 1995
Last visit never update
Location Healing Biotope 1 Tamera Monte do Cerro


[[coordinates::37.79242,-8.18176|]] [[Latitude::37.79242|]] [[Longitude::-8.18176|]]

Tamera is a Ecovillage[[type::Ecovillage|]] in In city::Colos[[located in::Colos|]] (In country::Portugal)[[located in::Portugal|]].

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"A group which started in the 1960's, permanently located in S.Portugal since 1995. ~250 people living on 335 acres. Strong focus on creating world-peace through free-love and peace between the genders."

"The Healing Biotope I Tamera is a peace research project with the goal to create the model for a future society that is free from hatred, lies, violence and fear. Tamera should become an acupuncture point of peace, a greenhouse of trust, a prototype for an existence free of fear on this planet, a post-capitalist societal model and a place where the human and meta realm of life come together."


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