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Tel Aviv is the economic, diplomatic, and finiancial center of Israel.

Tel Aviv is a big city, surrounded by a big metropolitan area. In the city itself there are beaches where many people go to relax and play beach rackets. You can see in the city many people running and working out, the body culture seems to have a big importance there. It's also the city of the alternative scene, with quite some bars and clubs. It's a western city that seems far from the Israeli situation in the Middle East. Noteworthy that the north of the city is more gentrified than the south.


Find info on hitchhiking at Hitchwiki.

Tel Aviv is kind of a big city, so sometimes you will need to use transport to get from one point to an other.

Buses are everywhere, you need to figure out which one goes where, a ticket is around 7 shekels.

There is also a system of bike renting station. If you have a credit card you can rent a bike from these stations. It will cost you 17 shekels, and you can use the bike for 24h. But you have to put back the bike in the station before 30 minutes of consecutive use, otherwise you will pay extra. If you need to bike longer, just find a station, put back the bike and take it again, it works. When you put back the bike don't forget to press the button, or it will cost you money. If you are a group of two and you don't mind ridding two on one bike, you can save a lot of money this way.


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Find info on hosp ex at Couchwiki.

There are some hotels, the cheaper is around 70 shekels.

Hospitality exchange should work.

You can also sleep on the beach or in some or the parks (Hakovshim for example), and as long you don't stay to late you will not have trouble.

Also, Overstay Hostel TLV is an extremely cheap hostel, their price making is like that: to find the lowest overstay price and substract some 5 shekels.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


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Food can be quite expensive, but dumpster diving is so easy that you can eat for free everyday in Tel Aviv.

There are many dumpster diving opportunity, many supermarkets leave food in trash bins on the street in front of them, go there at night and you can find food. But the best is the Carmel market. Everyday, around 6pm, the sellers throw a lot of stuff in front of their stand, just go there before everything is clean, and you will find more food than need. It's especially true before Shabbath, on Friday evening, then it's crazy and you can become a picky tramp and choose just the thing you really like.

In some place you can also find falafel for 6 shekels, and houmous for 12 shekels.

free food There is a free soup kitchen for poor people and travelers on Tchlenov str. 18, which works on weekdays from 9.00 till 14.00. One can have a full dinner for free or for a symbolic donation. The soup kitchen also welcomes volunteers.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Tel Aviv.

There is a free Wifi from the city in many places, called FREE_TLV.


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If you need clothes, look around you when you walk in Tel Aviv, many Israelis just put on the street the clothes they don't need. You can also go to the flea market in Jaffa where you can find everything you need for quite cheap, it's near Yefet Street

If you need to work on your computer, you can go to 9 Maze Street, there is place made by the city where you have internet, cheap coffee, and you can work for free. It's open from Sunday to Thursday, from 9:00 to 22:00.

Also, if tired, you can hang out on a sofa in the theatre hall in the Habima square, there is a good wifi there.

If you walk around Tel Aviv, there are some nice neighbourhood to see. The Carmel Market area is nice, Jaffo the Arab town is very beautiful, and walking around the flea market area is also very nice.

If you want to go out or to find event, check the DIY Tel Aviv Blog where many events are listed every week. You can also check the Tel Aviv Alternative Facebook group. And list also many events in Tel Aviv.