Termální Pramen Medokyš

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Name Termální Pramen Medokyš[[name::Termální Pramen Medokyš|]]
Type free hot spring, Nomadbase
Last visit 03/2016
Costs 0,00 per day (Food and accommodation)


[[coordinates::49.133350,19.419779|]] [[Latitude::49.133350|]] [[Longitude::19.419779|]]

Termální Pramen Medokyš is a free hot spring[[type::free hot spring|]] in In city::Kalameny[[located in::Kalameny|]] , Slovakia[[located in::Slovakia|]] (In country::Slovakia)[[located in::Slovakia|]].

Open air hot spring in the northeast of Slovakia near the village Kalameny


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The water temperature is at around 30°C-35°C (estimated)

There are several ruins/castles in the area. Also a huge lake that you can swim in.

Acc. to Google image search there are can be a lot of people. When we were there we had around 1-4 other people in the quite big pool.

There is a fountain in the pool.

We slept at the ruins of Liptovský hrad. There is a small roof in case of rain.