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Tiny Guide for the Vegan Traveler: 1. Intro - 2. Long-lasting energetic recipes - 3. Ingredients for on the fly - 4. Tips - 5. Essential - 6. Author

My complete name is Rameh Veg Brassico of the Nipu People, order of the Gaia Warriors; but friends just call me Rameh.

I eat vegetarian since 2004, vegan since 2007, the same year when I started to travel.

Since 2012 I do cuisine workshops where participants play, learn how to cook and get some knowledge about healthy cuisine and how livestock industry affects our planet.

You can write me on rameh(at)riseup.net

Other publications

I've also written:

  • The Tiny guide to healthy cuisine. Tips and recipes for a healthy, sustainable and cruelty-free nutrition
  • The Tiny guide to natural healing. Tips to get back health without medicines

All texts are for free, published under Creative Commons license.