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This is a restored version of the old wiki.tsolife.org website. Information on this page is several years old and outdated.
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The Travelling school of live was a skillsharing network for moneyless travelling and learning. The website tsolife.org hosted a multi-lingual wiki where hosts and travellers could register themselves and publish skillsharing events. Before those workshops participants mutually agreed on the conditions of their endeavor on which base they want to share knowledge and at which cost guests are hosted. The basic principle was to keep costs as low as possible by means of recycling, swapping, free giving and fundraising. No one should be excluded from learning because of money.

Tsolife development

Does it make sense to revive Tsolife inside of Nomadwiki?

September 2017

  • NW offers forms which enable us to make the usage easy with forms for users, hosts, events.
  • NW is semantic and can be used for all kinds of skill relations and requests.
  • NW is hosted by guaka and there is nearly no spam in here.
  • medawiki needs less expert programmer skills than Crabgrass.

Is there a future in Tsolife?

> Hey friends,

> I wanted to let you know, that the old english tsolife wiki has been partly restored to here

> If you are still interested in the network, please answer. The location Traumschule is open for nomads carrying the spirit of free skillsharing.

> Although the Tsolife development in Crabgrass was frozen long time ago and the old wiki has been deactivated because of spam, the new home/archive could revive the idea, as it is a semantic mediawiki.

> The idea is still there and probably some people still keep it in their heart, just as I do.

> Our next event is to setup a heat compost and a floor heating to make it warm and cozy for nomads during the winter. Feel free to join and learn!

What do you think? --Traumschule (talk) 19:03, 21 September 2017 (CEST)

website utopy

This page is historic.

Programmers wanted We are searching for people who want to program a useful database
communication platform on this webpage, similar to www.couchsurfing.com.

more infos on


Participate in the selforganised education+solidary networks promotion- and neworking tour!

We will go with 3 busses, probably with the migrobirdo-boat (and hitchhiking) and around 10 people and visit nice cultural/political/artist/ecological/... projects and people in (Switzerland?)/France/Spain and Portugal (maybe Marokko also?)

Lets have fun travelling in a big colourful group! We are searching to come with us (also for party of the road only), to help us with creating contents and for good contacts in those countries!

Starts around Oktober 2008 , lasts half a year or forever :-)


Youth and Children Cultural Exchange Center Asia CEC- a brave introduction

CEC want to promote and reinforce Asia-Europe cultural networks by providing the basics for cultural exchange between youth and their organizations in Asia (centered in northern Vietnam) and Europe. Intercultural and interreligious learning with art as media is the main focus of CEC, and with this the work on the basic for a peaceful future. This should get possible by an open space where (mainly) workshops, meetings, cultural acts like,gigs, audio, video and other media art exhibitions can take place. CEC want to be integrated in community development projects of Hanoi local NGOs and provide education to locals in all areas of work which have to be done to fulfill the project targets. CEC want to enrich Hanoi within his cultural output. CEC want to cooperate with travel organizations to organize inter cultural exchange between youth and children travel with their families in Vietnam and children in Hanoi. CEC want to train cultural workers in Hanoi, who organize under supervision of professionals the inter cultural exchange between Asian and European nations. CEC provides open room for young artist and European and Asian individuals and families to fulfill his targets. To be more attractively and mobile between nations, regions and cultures CEC will locate on a ship, start its work in Hanoi and go then up and down the Red River, also known as the Hong - Red, Song Cai - Mother River (Vietnamese). I search people to fulfill the project ideas and teach and learn there. It could become the first traveling school of life university in the world, please contact me send me an email

Osteuropa-Promotion-Tour 2009

Ich möchte gerne zu mindestens viert bullifahrender Weise eine gut vorbereitete 1 1/2 monatige Tour durch
Polen,Tschechien, und weiter Richtung Süden unternehmen, um die Tsolife bekannt zu machen und andere
bildungaktivistische, ökologische und soziale Bewegungen und Inis kennenlernen. Hinterher und
währenddessen soll dokumentiert und veröffentlicht werden. SUCHE NOCH LEUTE, die mitkommen wollen!

Skill Sharing Camp planen!

Wenn du Lust hast, mal ein Skill Sahring Camp mit etwa 50 Leuten im Raum Berlin zu organisieren, dann melde
dich bitte bei uns! Contact(eat)tsolife.org
Warum und wie "SKill sharing"?
Aufruf Skill Sharing Camp Noch sind wir zu wenige!


Jung macht einen Gründungsaufruf, um eine Sponsoring & Grassroot Fundraising Initiative aufzustellen. Die Aufgabe ist es: überlebenswichtige Budgetposten für das tsolife Projekt zu sichern und zusätzliche Budgetposten für die Weiterentwicklung und thematische Verbreiterung aufstellen zu können. Grassroot Fundraising ist in den USA sehr erfolgreich besonders im Umfeld von Wahlkampagnen der Präsidentschaftskandidaten. Sponsoring kann uns Mittel aus der Privatwirtschaft schenken. Um die Potentiale und unseren Horizont zu erweitern, was finanziell machbar und möglich ist, brauchen wir mehr Mitarbeiter. Ich halte es für möglich, dass monatlich 20.000 EURO für das tsolife Projekt zustande kommen, wenn das Programm nur 100 Nutzer bei tsolife einbinden kann.


Bitte unterschreibt den Gründungsaufruf mit Eurem Kürzel ~~~ !

Anhand Eurer Profile kann ich Euch dann vorschlagen, wie ihr mitarbeiten könnt.

Mailingliste: tsolife_sponsoring(ät)lists.riseup.net

To translate

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