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This is a restored version of the old wiki.tsolife.org website. Information on this page is several years old and outdated.
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The Travelling school of live was a skillsharing network for moneyless travelling and learning. The website tsolife.org hosted a multi-lingual wiki where hosts and travellers could register themselves and publish skillsharing events. Before those workshops participants mutually agreed on the conditions of their endeavor on which base they want to share knowledge and at which cost guests are hosted. The basic principle was to keep costs as low as possible by means of recycling, swapping, free giving and fundraising. No one should be excluded from learning because of money.

The Tsolife Glossary



  • Buckwheat During the first Opening Course we had an intensive course in 'using of leftovers when cooking for a group' after the misscalculation of the amount of this local grain.
  • Buddy Someone who takes care of you today


  • Ceremony
  • CIC Community introductory course. Former name of the Opening Course - see Modules.
  • Circle Happening often in TsoLife. It is a method where everyone is sittin in a circle, and you can talk abot different issues. You make a circle in the morning, in the evening, before lunch, for games, for songs, and whenever its necessary. They are quite useful, as everyone can see and hear everyone. And if you have something specially important, go into the centre.
  • Communication Quite important. We’ll never stop learning about it.
  • Community A word that needs to be definded. Be aware that everyone may have a different concept of what ‘community’ means.
  • Conflicts A great opportunity to grow and learn and get to know each other better (and yourself)
  • Cooking For a group can be a challenge and an opportunity to give a wonderful present to the group.
  • Creativity Needs sometimes chaos…and is always welcome
  • Curriculum You make it up yourself. You’re the only one who knows what you want to learn!


  • Daily tasks You share them in the group, whenever there’s a group of TsoLIife students. Some you do for TsoLife itself, some for the host.
  • Diary Make it, use it, fill it, travel with it, and you will love to have it.


  • Ecology
  • Emotions According to Paola, 99% of our actions are led by emotions… well, there’s no consensus on that, but still they are quite a big part of life. They are cause for example sadness, anger, happiness, And its good to know how to deal with the difficult ones.
  • Evaluation
  • Evening circle Share what you learnt today, something important that happened, and give feedback to each other.


  • Fasting A good solution when there’s noone to cook; or before a sweat lodge
  • Feedback Give it always when you think it’s useful
  • First aid kit You find it in this manual, to help you in difficult situations.
  • Food The TsoLife is in favour of vegetarian food (global-political reasons). However it is not guaranteed to get it at every host. Please be clear about your needs before visiting a host.
  • Fotos Share some of them! Website
  • Fun If it's not fun it's not sustainable


  • Games There can never be enough of them. They create a good spirit, they connect the group, and they are fun. Share them with the host!
  • Gardener One of daily tasks. Takes care of the ‘kindergarden’ …
  • Goodbye
  • Green Travelling student on his/her way, after all the introductory stuff
  • Group dynamics You will learn a lot about group processes while you are in one.


  • Happiness
  • History book Likes to be taken care of with love and creativity.
  • Host The place that offers you learning experiences MORE
  • Hygiene In the kitchen: see rules



  • Joy


  • King Old name for gardener.
  • Kitchen The place where your food comes from


  • Laptops Don't step on them! Ask Andrea why...
  • Learning Group A group of students who are learning together and reflecting what they learned. The group stays together for a long time.
  • Love One of the words you’re welcome to discuss (or make a thematic sharing about) with others… not enough space to write anything here


  • Mentor A person to help you realizing your curriculum and reflection what you learned. Sometimes giving advice, sometimes kicking your ass … ?
  • Money Should not be so important in the world; is a form of energy (like volunteer work) used in exchange for energy the host puts into you as students
  • Morning circle First coming-together of the day. Starting together.
  • Morning practice Wake up with the sun, before breakfast, and do your yoga, tai chi, walk, running; and offer to others to teach them if you want. Ask Janko and Janka if you want to know about 'special exercises'...


  • Network The bigger the TsoLife network, the more places to visit and learn. So help to make TsoLIfe known, and help to protect its good reputation!
  • Nonviolent Communication A useful technique for conflict-avoiding and –resolution. If you spend more time with a group of TsoLife students, create a practice group!


  • Open Organisation Rules of open space: einfügen!! more: [[1]]


  • Peace Within, with people, and with nature. Basically, that’s what TsoLife is about.
  • Personal time Take care of it. Especially in community.
  • Presents Leave them at the host, rather than garbage…



  • Red Student before and during CIC
  • Reporter Takes care of sharing what’s happening during a TsoLife stay with the rest of the community (via history book)


  • Sharing
  • Sleeping bag Always useful to bring along… even if you don’t need it at the host, you may need it on your journey.
  • Social skills
  • Somebody The only one that is able to be in many places at the same time.
  • Songs Create a feeling of community and… MORE. When you learn new ones, share them, let them become part of the TsoLife traditions!
  • Spirituality Let’s look at the things we have in common, whatever worldview or religion we may have
  • Student you
  • Sustainability
  • Self organisation When participating in an event for a group of TsoLife students at a host, the group organises itself. That means: Take care of the daily tasks, take care of the group, cultivate the culture, etc. Ideally, the host only has to take care of supervising the work, not the group process.


  • Tasks There are some every day. Some for TsoLife, some for the hosts.
  • Time Is precious. Your own and of others. Be aware of that. When a group of 14 people waits for you for 5 minutes, you are wasting 1 hour and 10 minutes of lifetime!
  • Time keeper One of daily tasks. Helps gardener to be in time.
  • Traditions
  • Travelling
  • TSoLife


  • Utopia To have one helps you to know where you are going to!


  • Volunteering


  • Waste Don’t leave it at the host.
  • Welcome
  • Work You can learn a lot by working. And you can give it as an exchange.