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This is a restored version of the old wiki.tsolife.org website. Information on this page is several years old and outdated.
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The Travelling school of live was a skillsharing network for moneyless travelling and learning. The website tsolife.org hosted a multi-lingual wiki where hosts and travellers could register themselves and publish skillsharing events. Before those workshops participants mutually agreed on the conditions of their endeavor on which base they want to share knowledge and at which cost guests are hosted. The basic principle was to keep costs as low as possible by means of recycling, swapping, free giving and fundraising. No one should be excluded from learning because of money.

How to use the wiki?


Do you want to help building up this nice network?

Do you want to travel, teach and learn?

provisional solution:

  • look through the User Profiles or use the search function of the wiki to find people who can teach you something

Why wiki? What can the Wiki do?

The Wiki is a tool to organize the Travelling School of Life. It is an online communication platform: here everybody can announce events, introduce oneself, find people to learn and teach together, find like-minded people to form learning groups, share experience, ...

In What do I find where? there is a little support to orient oneself on the first visit.

To ensure the optimal use and to keep the Wiki well arranged, please consider the present structure. Before editing anything, take a brief look, what belongs where.

Navigation bar

What do I find where?

Via the navigation bar on the left side you can reach all sites. What lies behind the different terms:

  • Actual - the latest news: what needs to be done, what events are about to take place, etc.

  • Events - a calendar of planned and past events. You can also read reports of past events there.

  • Skillsharing - Here you can see what kind of skills other TSoLife User have and want to share. So if you want to learn to play the guitar, you look under music - guitar playing and check whethere there are some names written there. If so, you can click on them and you will see their personal page and find out who that person is.

  • Toolbox - In the toolbox TSoLife User can share useful experiences related to group dynamics and learning that can be used during other TSoLife events.

  • User - Here you can see who has joined TSolife, register and present yourself on your own page.

  • Groups - TSoLife is much about group events: learning together, travelling together, meeting people. Groups form when several people are interested in the same topic or want to do something together, as for example improve the wiki, take care of fundraising, or learn about permaculture. On the groups-page, you can find likeminded people for joined activities. Read the group descriptions and find out more by clicking on them. There should be mentioned a way to contact them as well, if they are open to new members.

  • more info about TSoLife - Here you find different kinds of information about TSoLife, about the idea, development, background, structure of TSoLife, thoughts about learning, a link to older TSoLife newsletters, ...
  • Inspiring - Hier kannst du sehen, was TSoLife Nutzis mit Anderen teilen möchten. Das können sein: interessante Texte zum lesen, Buchempfehlungen, Gedanken, Gedichte, Erfahrungen, Tips wie man ein Treffen effektiv gestalten kann,....

  • Links - Links to topics that are somehow related to TSoLife
  • Contact - How to get in touch
  • Help - Well, yes, that leads you to the page you are reading right now ...
  • Questions - A kind of guestbook where you can get rid of questions and comments, especially on your first visit on the TSoLife Wiki when you haven't signed up yet.
  • Search - Wiki search function
  • The last points of the navigation bar (recent changes, what links here, related pages, upload file, special pages) are tools for using the wiki. They have been described already under [[1]]].
  • Reports about past meetings you don't find directly in the navigation bar, but as a link from the "events"- page.

WHERE do I write things?

  • First please register! You do this by clicking on "create an account or login", on top right of the page.
  • Who you are you write under "User" into your personal profile on an own page.
  • Your skills you want to share with others you fill in under "Skilllsharing".
  • If you are looking for people to start up a group with you, describe the group you wish to create under "Groups", together with a link to your profile. Then interested people can contact you.
  • If you are planning an event and still look for people to join, write it under "Events".
  • If you want to offer a place (your living room, your farm, your pottery workshop etc.) as a possible place for TSoLife events, write it under "Locations" on the "events-"page.
  • If you have found anything great that has inspired you much and want to share it, write it under "Inspiring" ein.
  • When you have participated in an event, write a report about it onto a new page, which you can create through a link from the "event-" page. Categorize it as "report" so it will be listet automatically under reports. !! Note: !! How to write a report?
  • When you have tried out a good method which could be useful on other TSoLife events, write it into the "Toolbox".

general wiki intro

how to edit pages

Most people discvoer that using the wiki is surprisingly easy, once they have got started. By clicking on "edit" (usually on top of the page), the page changes shape as you get into the edit-mode. Now you can write on the page und use the small buttons on top for formatting.

You can write a title by using one or several = before and after the text you want to appear as title.

A line break you make by typing <br>,

You can underline a word with <u> text that shall be underlined </u>.

You can make a horizontal line: ----.

In between your editing activities you can click on "Show preview" to see how it will look like. When you are done, click on "save page" so your work gets saved.

You get a great possibility to practise using the wiki: Create your own profile! There's a step-by-step instruction below.

If you want to experiment more with the wiki, you can copy ideas from any exisiting wiki page, by clickin on "edit" and watchin the code. Furthermore, there is detailed help at [[2]].

How to create pages

You can easily create a new page any time and link it to the current page. To do so, you open the "edit-mode" (by clicking "edit") on an existing page. Then you write the name of the new site in brackets: Seitenname. Then click on the "save page" button, and the name of the page will occur in red colour and underlined (if it is not underlined, it means that there is already a page existing with this name! In that case, choose a different name.) Click on the name, an the new, empty site opens, ready to be edited.

More explanations you will find here: [[3]]


You want to call a meeting to a specific topic, create a group, or simply meet someone from TSoLife? Here you can search for

   people who want to learn about similar things as you
   likeminded people in a specific area
   people who can teach you something you want to learn
   people who want to learn something you can teach

You can also try to search for specific words with the wiki-search-function (in the navigation menue at the left) and hope that you end up at someone's personal site who can teach what you want to learn.

As long as there is no functioning database, you can write here what you are searching. Sign up as a wiki user (by clicking on 'create an account or log in' on the top right corner). Log in. Come back to this page here and click on "edit" on top of this page. Write your text. Probably best to add your text below all the existing text. Use "===" before and after the title, and < b r > to insert a line break. Don't forget to add your Username.

Help for the specific pages


What is the skillsharing list?

In the skillsharing list we announce our skills we like to share. It's only for non-commercial announcements.  How do I search skills in the list? 
Behind every skill are some names of the teachers. Click on one of the names and you are directed to the users profile where you can contact him.
When you look through the list and you think that you could extend it, just feel free to do it! :-) 
 What shall I write into the list? 
The skills you like to share, of course. When your skill is already there just add your name behind it.
 How do I add a new skill to the list? 
* click "edit" on the right side of the group of skills you like to edit * then just write your name with a link to your profile behind the skill you like to teach to others. If your not sure just imitate the structure of the other entries. 
* Remember to put your skill and name also into the lists in other languages, if you want to offer your skill also to people who don't speak english!
 How do I add my name to the list 
tipe your Usernamen in 2x square brackets behind the skill you can teach. Like:  YOUR NAME 


What happens on the "events"-page? Here you find events that are announced or being planned. You can find events You are interested in and put yourself to the member list. Furthermore You can find fellows to plan and realize the event.

Was passiert auf der Veranstaltungsseite? Hier stehen fest angekündigte oder nur grundlegend geplante Veranstaltungen. Du kannst also Veranstaltungen finden, die dich interessieren, und mitmachen. Außerdem kannst du hier Leute finden, die Lust haben, mit dir zusammen eine Veranstaltung durchzuführen.

What is a TSoLife event?

Everything where people meet to learn something or work on a TSolife theme. For example:

  • organization meetings to improve the website
  • two weeks to learn gardening
  • a two days meeting to inform each other about the learning progress

If you subscribe to an event, it's not sure, that someone organizes it for you or guides you through it. Most of the events are executed and organized by all members, even by you!

Was ist ein TSolife-Ereignis?

Alles, wo sich Leute treffen, um gemeinsam etwas zu lernen oder sich mit TSoLife-Themen zu beschäftigen. Das kann sein:

  • Orgatreffen, um die TSoLife website zu verbessern
  • zwei Wochen lernen über Gartenbau
  • zwei Tage Treffen um sich über die Lernerfolge auszutauschen
  • usw.

Wenn du dich für eine eingetragene Veranstaltung anmeldest, heißt das nicht automatisch, dass du Teilnehmer an einem Workshop bist, den jemand anderes leitet. Die meisten Veranstaltungen werden gemeinsam von allen TeilnehmerInnen organisiert, auch dir!

Who may announce an event?

Everybody. You also, if you ...

  • want to invite others to your living place to a concrete event
  • want to organize an event and don't know yet with whom or where
  • search people for executing an event
  • ...

If you announce an event, you needn't lead it. Even if you just want to be member and still search others you can announce the wished workshop in hope, others will contact you to join.

Wer darf eine Veranstaltung ankündigen?

Alle. Auch du, wenn du z.B. ...

  • an einem Ort wohnst, an den du ein paar Leute zu einer Veranstaltung an einem konkreten Termin einladen möchtest
  • eine Veranstaltung organisieren willst, aber noch nicht weißt wo und mit wem
  • Leute suchst, mit denen du zusammen eine Veranstaltung machen willst
  • ...

Who is announcing an event, f.E. a Workshop, hasn't necessarily to run it. Even when you just want to be participant, but still no one, who could run a workshop, you can chart the desired workshop and hope for somebody to reply.

How do I announce an event?

making events: Edit the site Events, scroll to the specific month and add the headline like this:

== start - end title == e.g. "== 04.08 - 19.08.07 TSoLife meets Ecotopia =="

Fill the following categories by means of the Toolbox.

contact: You

who is interested:


description: After the event is done You and the other members should write a report to share the result with others. You can can extend the toolbox with your experiences.

How can I announce an event?

Inscirbe event on the [[Events|Veranstaltungsseite]:

Click on 'Edit' in the head menu bar. Scroll in the textbox till the month, in which you want to announce the event. Choose a title with this scheme:

== Startdate- Enddate Title ==, for Example "== 04.08 - 19.08.07 TSoLife meets Ecotopia =="

Fill up the following categories with the Werkzeugkiste:

Contact: DU

Who is interested:


Description: After the event has been realised, a report Bericht should be written, so that others can participate in your results. Also you can expand the toolbox with own experiences.

find & join:


What are TSoLife groups?

How do I find / start a learning group? You can form all kinds of Groups, for example

  • regiogroups
  • learning groups who want to learn the same skill
  • working groups who work together on a specific area of TSoLife development
  • more ...

How can I join a group?

On the group page all existing groups are listed. By clicking on them you come to the respective group page, which every group designs by themselves. There you are likely to find a prescription about the activities of the group; names of their members; and a person to contact. When there is no possibility, to contact one of the members directly, you can also post a small comment on the group page, with your message to join, with a link to your profile and a way of contact. Then hopefully someone will come back to you!

How can I start a new group?

You can use the "groups"-page, to find people, which want to found a group with you. You can also open a group as single person and describe, what you want to learn and edit with others. Through that you can find partners to establish the group with.

How do I add a new group on the wiki?

You can register your group immediately, so that you get an own page for that group. This page serves for the group to present itself (to find partners), to plan meetings, to enter certain dates and deadlines and to present results,...

Manual for adding a new group:

  • click on "edit" front right
  • write your group name in double angled brackets Gruppennamen below the last registered group.
  • click the "save page" button
  • and now your group name appears red underlined. Click on it, and a new pages opens.
  • This new page you can edit to your hearts extent.

More information about editing wiki here: [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki]]

please dont reintegarate this passage!


What is the Location list?

On the Location list you will be able to find places, where, AFTER APPOINTMENT, you can perform TSoLife activities. If you are looking for such a place, go to the Location list and click through the descriptions of the places there. If you found a suitable location for whatever you like to do or learn, CONTACT the responsible person. The Location list does not exclusively contain Open Space places, where you can just show up without prior agreements with the person responsible for the place.

How to write a profile

Please note: Don´t enter any personal data in here, this page is just a guideline for your own personal profile Please check back here, how to set up your own personal profile. If you alter this page, other new users will be unable to get information about what a profile should look like.

What would be interesting for others to know about you?

Personal data

  • nickname, real name
  • Country, city
  • your language
  • Gender (could be many...)

Hosting people

  • what you can offer to visitors: chouch, tent, own room, space on the floor
  • how much time before arriving they should contact you
  • only special gender?
  • smoking?
  • pets?
  • what you expect from visitors? Help with dishes etc...


  • what you expect from hosts
  • space for stories: your best experiences
  • where did you travel already?


  • Do you want to say something general about learning? What means lerning/education to you?
  • what do you offer to share?
  • skills and knowledge
  • Infrastructure (telefon, internet, car, kitchen)
  • Resources (tools, workshops, books...)
  • do you search people for a special project?
  • Project describtions
  • project blog
  • What do you like to learn?
  • skills and knowledge
  • your online-learning diary

Concerning Travelling School of Life organisation:

  • How did you find the way to this homepage? Do you want to give your opinion to us?
  • Do you want to join an organisation group? or: You are in XY group.
  • next Meetings

How do I offer a place as TSoLife location?

  1. if you are not registered:
    1. Click on Create an account or log in on the top right of this page.
    2. Register there with the email address you want to use as contact email address for TSoLife - your own, if you are the contact person, or an 'official' email address of your project. Invent a short name (YOUR USERNAME) representing yourself or your project.
  2. When you did this, create a Location page as follows:
    1. type in the address bar of your webbrowser a new page like this: <nowiki> http://tsolife.org/wiki/LOCATIONNAME - COUNTRY (wherein LOCATIONNAME is obviously the name of your project and COUNTRY the name of the country where it is situated, both variables do not need to be in Caps, but mind the empty spaces between the hyphen).
    2. By doing this, you automatically created a new page where you can describe your location. You do this by clicking "Edit" on the top wiki tabs. Please check the checklist for inspiration what can be considered important information.
  3. Add a link to your profile like this: SHOWN NAME
  4. Add as well send me an email. By doing this you give other users the possibility to send you an email. Don´t worry, non-users will neither be able to read your email-address, nor write you an email.
  5. Don´t forget adding [[Category:Location]] at the bottom of the edited page. It has the effect that your new location will be listed on the Location page. This is a vital detail, because otherwise users won´t be able to find your location within the TSoLife wiki.
  6. Finish the procedure by clicking the "Save" button.
  1. Write your own profile:
    1. Click on the newly created link to your profile ( SHOWN NAME) on your location page and edit the page however you like :-).
    2. As above, add send me an email</nowiki> somewhere, so people can send you an email directly from this page without knowing your private email address.
  2. There is a checklist, to help you pointing out interesting aspect of you or your location


What makes a good meeting? How can a meeting of people who want to do something with TSoLife look like? In TSoLife different people have met and will meet at different places to discuss and do different things. During such meetings, a lot can be learnt about group processes, social skills and communication skills. In the toolbox we can share skills that we've gained and describe techniques that we've tried. This could be:

New ideas that have not been tried out personally yet, please put under "sharing"! The toolbox is a collection of personal experiences!


How do I find reports to past events?

  • The "Report"-page you reach over an link from the "events"-page. There all reports are listed.
  • Single reports you find directly linked with the respective event.
  • Reports for meetings of a certain group you find linked from their group page mostly.

Why writing reports?

During or after an event, for several reasons it is useful to write a report:

  • People which don't know TSoLife yet, can see, how an event can be designed and operated
  • People who couldn't be there, can make themselves up to date (especially TSoLife Orga-meetings: in that way made decisions are documented and discussed topics are elucidated)
  • Memory hook for later
  • Valuable Experiences can be exchanged and used by others! (Remember, to expand the toolbox if applicable!)
  • more...

How to write a report: MANUAL:

  • Either create a new page from the "event"-page (if the report is meant for public)
  • Or create a new page from your "group"-page (when the report is meant regarding your group)
  • Edit sites the old way
  • Allocate the report to the categorie "reports". Throught that he gets automatically added to the "reports"-page. You do this with writing (preferrable at the bottom) [[:Category:Reports]].

Attention: With reports it is important, to give them a title which clearly indicates their content. Through the function "Category" they are all gonna be listed on one page, where you're not able to lable them. Which means the real name is also the showen name.

How to get an evaluation?

Sometimes you wish to have a qualified feedback about what you are creating, building, constructing, thinking, writing, teaching, doing, whatever... This site could support you getting feedback without any pressure with marks or reward/punishment.


  • voluntarily
  • different opinions show more perpectives
  • non violent communication
  • don't ask for a "judgement" but for a helpful opinion equal to your own

How to find people?

  • search in the database for people with the same or similar subjects
  • contact them
  • depending of what the evaluation is about, you could offer an agreement to meet or to send information about your project
  • ask them for a feedback in writing
  • offering workshops at open space events about your project
  • ask people in the forum (not ready now, want to program it? please send mail to:contact(äät)tsolife(dot)org

List of projects to evaluate

Here you can set a link to a website, where you present your project or/and to your profile, where you give an contact. There people can contact you if they want to give their feedback to you.