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This is a restored version of the old wiki.tsolife.org website. Information on this page is several years old and outdated.
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The Travelling school of live was a skillsharing network for moneyless travelling and learning. The website tsolife.org hosted a multi-lingual wiki where hosts and travellers could register themselves and publish skillsharing events. Before those workshops participants mutually agreed on the conditions of their endeavor on which base they want to share knowledge and at which cost guests are hosted. The basic principle was to keep costs as low as possible by means of recycling, swapping, free giving and fundraising. No one should be excluded from learning because of money.

Tsolife/student reader

The Travelling School of Life network wants to support you in going your own way. You can use the database in order to find out where you can learn about natural building and horse riding, or to find somebody to teach you play the guitar while travelling together, or to find someone to teach you pottery for half a year if you stay there and help with babysitting... And there's more about TSoLife: It is not only a database where you can find information. There are also things like 'Opening Courses' that shall help you getting started. You will have time and space to really get deep into finding out what you really want to do with your life, you will meet likeminded people, you will find out about different and creative ways of 'making your own education', etc. ...to be continued...

old text (needs to be updated):

How to be a student of TSoLife

How to put it all in practice? Instruction for using the framework and filling it with life

What it means to be a student of TsoLife

Building the curriculum and action learning path Using and making the modules Tips & stuff Visiting a host Using the website Organizing an Opening Course Organizing a students meeting Who can be a student? Anyone who is interested in action learning for building a sustainable and peaceful world.want to go your own way, maybe did not find anything suitable for your needs within the existing systems and structures. Especially young people.

What does it require to be a student?

– want to go your own way, do your own education; not alone but within a students' community

– agree to statutes of TsoLife

– are open, cooperative, interested in community/learning about group dynamics and cooperation. Interested in learning and sharing / supporting each other. Interested in people.

– be active in the network (only functions if members are active!): go to meetings, bring in new students, organize an Opening Course,...

- present yourself on the wiki, so hosts and other students know who you are (creating the community of TSoLife)

How can I become a student?

Take part in an Opening Course. Then you can start travelling and 'look around'; and when you are ready you can design your learning plan and start your action learning path.

Building the curriculum / action learning path

How do I build my curriculum – travel and look around. Find out what you want. Many subjects – maybe all related to one main topic?

– Think about: what do I need? What can I give (skills, knowledge, abilities, art & creativity,...)

– Formulate your goal(s) on the 'learning plan'

– find a learning group and a tutor

– make a contract with yourself, your mentor and your learning group

– Check on website: what modules can I take? Where are possible learning places – maybe places that are not on the website yet? Maybe you can create modules that don't exist yet? Can find your own places and get them involved in TsoLife!

– how do I use the modules (take offered modules I-III, make modules IV bis VI, or even make modules I-III. Modules IV bis VI means for example meetings with your learning group.

– Write a personal presentation of yourself, your intentions/curriculum, your skills and experiences on the website; so hosts can see who you are.

– Go and do your modules. Document your experiences in the diary. Document also things you learn that are not categorized in a module... learning happens all the time everywhere...

You can look in the database for modules offered by hosts. Or you look for a host that you think may be suitable for what you want to learn (even though they are not offering specific modules), write them a letter with your presentation and your intentions, start a dialogue and find out together with them how and under what conditions you can be there in order to learn. TSoLife offers some framework that facilitates your learning path, but it is always open for personal creative individual solutions.

– How to write my diary?

The diary is of course your personal book and nobody should look inside. But during your journey with the TsoLife it is also your report-book, for what you are learning. So it should be written daily and it should also inform you about what you learned. Fill it also with photos and paintings. So when you have a gathering or you meet your mentor you can have a look inside and it will remind you what you can report.

– Get a certification after each module. Meet regularly with your mentor and with your learning group.

– Do a final project and / or a final presentation of your learning results.

A personal learning plan could look like this:

My topics: ..... ..... .... .... Where can I learn these topics? ... ... ... My mentor: ... My study group members: ... ... ... Planned modules: ... ... ... ... ...

When you finish TSoLife, you have a folder or a book containing a lot of material from your learning journey - writings, drawings, reports, thoughts, reflected learning experiences, etc., as well as certifications from modules, feedback from hosts and other studentsrom other people, etc.

Visiting a host

There are some things you should think about before visiting (checklist). Here a few things that hosts would like about visitors (what kind of visitor a host would like):

– anmelden

– Leave presents, not waste (no ‘unfinished projects’, especially not in Permalot)

Tips & sonstiges

– financing

– travelling as a group (find likeminded people easily as you are part of TsoLIfe)

– not consume, create!

Using the website - Everything's possible!

Our wonderful wiki offers an infinite amount of possibilities that we haven't discovered yet... Let's see where it leads us and TSoLife to develop.

Registration and Personal Presentation

Once you decide to join the Travelling School of Life, you can register on the wiki as a user. You can do so if you enter the Community Portal and find a place to add your name - under "interested in TSoLife", "participant of next Opening Course", or whatever. You can create your own page - a whole page just for you! - where you can do what you want. Write about yourself, why you want to join TSoLife, etc. During your time with TSoLife, you can always update your presentation - which courses/modules you are planning to take, which ones you have done, learning results, learning diary (the parts of it that you want to make public), etc.

Here the instruction for using the wiki:

1. Registration: Click on "Create new account or log in" on the top right of every page. Follow the instructions there.

2. Create your own page:

Go to "Community Portal" (under the "navigation" menu, or under "special pages").

Click on "edit" on top of the page.

Find a place for yourself. Write (without space) * [ [ User: USERNAME | YOUR REAL NAME ] ].

Save page (button on bottom of page).

Click on the newly created link and edit the page :-).

If you add (without space) [ [ Special : Emailuser/ YOUR NICKNAME | send me an email ] ], people can contact you directly from the website, without knowing your private email adress.

Search for events/activities/courses/topics

There are different ways to find what you are looking for, depending on what you are looking for...

  • You want to look for anything taking place at a specific time: Look at the Calendar. It is a chronological list of events.
  • You want to see everything going on in a specific country or area: look on the map and see what hosts / events there are. (not yet possible). Or enter the country in the 'search' box (a useful tool of this wiki...).
  • You want to learn about a specific topic: Enter the topic into the search box. You may then find pages of host descriptions, entries in the calender, or descriptions of modules.


As the wiki can be edited by everyone, it is a great tool to give feedback to one another. Students can write about hosts, hosts about students, students about other students, etc. So you can see, before you are going to visit a host, how other students experienced their stay there. And so on. You can evaluate an activity/a module,...

Just click on the person/place/event you want to comment on, create a suitable title, and write!

Designing TSoLife

Under 'Discussions' we can talk about the further development of TSoLife.

Students' talk

Under 'Students', the students find a lot of space for all they need - sharing experiences, looking for travelmates, etc.

Organizing meetings and modules

If you write an event in the calendar or under modules, you can create a new page for this event. There all involved people can discuss about it, plan and organize. Afterwards, the results can be published.

Promotion tour

The idea: A group of students (5-7?) travelling around Europe for some months, visiting potential new hosts and bringing the TSoLife idea there; and visiting schools/universities/youth centres for inviting young people to join TSoLife. Funding possible for this kind of thing! Just needs some preparation in advance!

promotion tour planned -switzerland, france, spain, portugal

  • start: around august 2008
  • what? visiting communities, projects, ... promoting tsolife, learning, permaculture, art projects, solidarity economy networking? ...
  • I'll go with my bus and search other people with busses or without...


Lets move!!

making workshops/ presentations:

binä wants to inform how make an powerpoint presentation... Content for a workshop:

  • What do you want to know?
  • what is Tsolife? Idea, structure?
  • how I can join? How can I support?
  • give the wiki-adress
  • collecting adresses for newsletter and mailinglist
  • every other creative workshop or discussion idea is also nice :)


for little meetings with potentiel hosts sending an email, perhaps someone wants to join... binä wants to make Workshops/Presentations at:

  • A-Camp Austria 14.-23. Juli
  • Wendland Camp 21.-29. Juli
  • german Schoolkongress 9.-11. oktober
  • Berlin Alternativuni (Alternatives Veranstaltungsverzeichnis – AVV)
  • Jugendumweltkongress (JUKSS) youth ecologic kongress - week after Christmas

Andrea wants to make a presentation:

  • ecotopia in zajeka first week of august

Dominik wants to make presentations:

  • 7L sommercamp
  • other 7L meetings (mail)
  • weiter gehts! in 7L


  • biocultura meeting in spain in oktober


1/3 a4 zum reinlegen in den anderen flyer.

  • vorderseite infos
  • rückseite anmeldebogen

text von binja

Lernend Reisen mit der Travelling School of Life Du möchtest Reisen, Lernen und Leben miteinander verbinden? Du möchtest herausfinden wie Du selbstbestimmt alleine und zusammen mit anderen lernen kannst? Du interessierst Dich für neue Perspektiven und bist neugierig auf andere Lebensstile? Bildungnetzwerke bieten Menschen direkte Möglichkeit über sämtliche Grenzen hinweg miteinander in Kontakt zu kommen und Wissen, Fähigkeiten und Ressourcen zum Lernen zu teilen. Und zwar ganz ohne den engen und bürokratischen Rahmen von Institutionen wie Schule oder Universität. Mit dem “Travelling School of Life” Bildungsnetzwerk kannst Du an einem Lernexperiment im Sommer 2007 mitwirken und es einfach ausprobieren. Es werden zwei Einführungskurse angeboten: Vom 17.Juni 2007 -8. Juli 2007 in Frankreich und vom 15.Juli 2007-29.Juli 2007 Slowakei Bei den Einführungskursen erfährst Du Unterstützung, um die weitreichenden Möglichkeiten der Vernetzung anwenden zu können und deinen persönlichen Lernweg zu finden. Nach den Einführungskursen können vielfältige Bildungsangebote bis anfang September in Anspruch genommen werden. Die Beteiligten reisen danach in kleinen Gruppen oder alleine zu den Leuten, mit denen sie während der Einführungskurse klare Vereinbarungen über ihr Lernen vor Ort getroffen hatten.Im Idealfall wird das Sommerpgrogramm ein Selbstläufer und die Beteiligten organisieren sich auch nach ende der Sommerkurse weiter um gemeinsam zu lernen und zu lehren. Du kannst Dich auch beteiligen, indem Du selbst Dein Wissen oder Fähigkeiten anbietest. Noch stecken wir in der inhaltlichen Vorbereitung der Einführungskurse. Wir freuen uns, wenn Leute auch organisatorisch helfen wollen! Über den aktuellen Stand der Vorbereitung könnt ihr euch auf der Website informieren. www.tsolife.org/wiki Wenn du dich in irgendeiner Form beteiligen willst, dann melde dich bis ende April 07 bei: contact[AT]tsolife.org oder an folgende Adresse: The Travelling School of Life c/o ariba e.V. Fritschestraße 29 10585 Berlin Germany