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Ukraine is one of the biggest countries in Europe.


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Of course you can get stuck easily on the motorway next to a turn-off from the main road because of nightfall. But there is also nice night-traffic of trucks caused by warm weather from May to September. Usually, there are some gas stations near to such places and there some favorite and famous places for stops known by drivers – something like unofficial rest-stations (there are no official but a lot of unofficial ones). You can easily find something to eat and to drink there and at almost all gas-stations there are night-shops. You can eat in some road-restaurants, they may be not expensive for foreigners from countries like the EU states – you can probably have some nice dinner there for US$7–10 (2008).


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Citizens of the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Israel and Japan, and all citizens from former Soviet states can enter the Ukraine without a visa.

Kiev is the capital of the Ukraine, and the place to get your visas. If you need a visa for Moldova make sure to get it here, and not at the border.

Border Crossing

Some recent experiences: from Poland (2014), from Poland (2014), to/from Crimea (2017)


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The biggest problem you could encounter is that few people speak English or other foreign languages. Some command of Russian (the Communist-era lingua franca and many Ukrainians' native language) or Ukrainian is advisable. Polish is also widely understood. When the language barrier is overcome, Ukrainians are generally hospitable and open people.


In winter Ukraine can get very cold, for example in January 2006, it hit −35 °C, which makes hitchhiking very dangerous. The cost of train travel is very cheap – usually around one Euro for every 100 km (for overnight sleeping carriages), so bear that in mind when going from city to city. It might be hot in summer (up to +35 °C), so don't forget to take a hat with you to protect yourself from lots of sunbathing.


Make sure to check Shipot, a rainbow gathering style eveng at carpatian mountains in July every year. (FB group. couch:Ukraine