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No problem! Keeps me from the day job..and the angry BW discussion boards. Will be taking a break for Christmas.. back in January to continue the edits!

Yeah Chris is doing great work but he can be strict at times. Fortunately we have Nomadwiki now! There's definitely room for a basic article about shoplifting though it should be very balanced, definitely not take a pro-stealing stance like Stealthiswiki. Also, if enough people care about adding more specific information about shoplifting, I'm fine with that (if it's balanced). (Oh and mind you, except one tiny marble that I took when I was around 10 years old I've never ever stolen anything from a store :) But you have to keep in mind that Nomadwiki (unlike Trashwiki) is indexed in Google, so if it's probably not so smart to write about a specific supermarket or even a specific city here. Guaka (talk) 14:27, 19 December 2013 (GMT)

I think the article you started about shoplifting is good.
Yeah I think moving the busking stuff to busking would be good. Just keep a paragraph about busking on Earning On The Road, the rest can go to the main article.
Also note that it's good to sign messages here with ~~~~. Cheers, Guaka (talk) 00:04, 12 January 2014 (GMT)

KAsper Lots & Lots of spam sign ups showing on 'recent changes'... Can we block or switch to admin confirmed sign up? Mike

Account seems to work fine, thanks. Darren 09:59, 24 November 2014 (GMT)


Just noticed Newsbox in Ireland. I think that sort of old news would be okay just as a normal text reference link instead of so visible box, or what do you think? If there should be something like that, it would be "there's an earthquake now at this island" or "there's war in Syria" sort of newsflashes/alert boxes. Hope it's fine if we'll edit it away with Rémi! Additionally pre-tag breaks the layout. ;-) -Mikael (talk) 21:26, 18 December 2014 (GMT)