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Uzbekistan is famous to be a sort of police state with a huge inflation and difficult life for cheap/free travelers.


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Visa policy follow this general approach and generally needs a letter of invitation (to be obtained mostly through a travel agent), though unexpectedly if you are from Austria - Belgium - Germany - Italy - France - Japan or Spain you won't need this letter and the letter of reccomendation from your embassy (the same as for other Central Asia countries such as Tajikistan) will be enough.

In Tehran Iran (Dec 2012) visas (one entry, add 10$ each extra entry) costed approximately:

  • 65$ valid 2 weeks, ready in 2 weeks - 85$ valid 2 weeks ready in 1 week
  • 75$ valid 1 month, ready in 2 weeks - 95$ valid 1 month ready in 1 week


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