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From the airport: don't take the City Airport Train. It is only 7 minutes faster but much more expensive. Take the normal S-Bahn instead.

You can rent city bikes for free (only for one hour, but as often as you like). All you need is a credit card and 1 euro sign up fee. More info from

Public transport is very easily blackrideable. You can fiind all the info for the public transport here -

Accommodation & Wild Camping

Finding a host from the street while busking or just walking is definitely possible. The hosting community is big, there is one squat (check where you can ask hospitality otherwise, with a good wheather (if you are well equipped also in winter though can be really cold and humid because of the river..) the northern suburbs all along the Danube have a natural park where you can easily arrive by metro and find good spots for wildcamping.


Dumpster diving works very good and any supermarket outside of the center.

Deewan is pretty good: it's an all you can eat Pakistani restaurant / buffee. It's also "pay what you want".

Shower & swiming

Add info pls


Permits are usually necessary and hard to get(6,54€ per Month). You can still busk out of the touristic centre without a permit, although you may not get the buckets of money the pros with permits earn. If you are brave enough you can try your luck and challenge the law without a permit. It seems police can be pretty mean but you can be lucky, not be caught and earn really lots of money. Fede tried in spite of all the rumors he had heard, performed on the top of an advertising panel on one foot and earnt his best hourly income ever right here, busking 2 afternoons for a couple of hours without any permit. He also asked several other people in the same street(can't remember the name, but far away from churches and historical monuments [full of cops around],near a crossroads with 4 pedestrian streets and in a very commercial street) who told him they didn't care and just played until police came (they were even Austrians and didn't care..!)

A LEGAL PLACE TO BUSK: I tried to busk in the city center and in 2 minutes police came and explain me that i can busk in Karlsplatz but only around the fountain. I busked in front of the university right across the park, police didn't say anything and people cross constantly. Also, a good place to busk is in stadpark but depends if you are lucky or not, is not allowed but if they come, they will just tell you to leave.

For permission contact: 20., Dresdner Straße 75, 4. Stock, Zimmer 420 Telefon: +43 1 4000-36336, Fax: +43 1 4000-99-36336, E-Mail: [email protected]

Cool Places

Free shop Kostnixladen_Wien
Free shop, event location and social center Die_Schenke
Autonomous bike workshop: Bikekitchen
Autonomous hackers lab: Metalab
Graffitis along the Donaukanal
Bars: Fluc, Einhorn
The park around Prater, camping possible
The Danube island aka Donauinsel, esp. in summer for swimming and camping
The ghost town area around the Vienna International Center / UNO City at night
The underground canal along the Wien river, accessible through some semi-hidden stairs (jump the waist-high gate) in Stadtpark
Ruins hidden in the Sternwartepark
Climb Leopoldsberg via Nasenweg
There are more than 200 boulder problems documented in Vienna

Hitchwiki & Trashwiki