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When camping or traveling out of the beating track, you might encounter some wild animals, most commonly stray dogs.

Stray dogs

Street dogs at a crosswalk in Bucharest

In Europe stray dogs are common at least in Athens, Romania and Ukraine.

When facing dogs, stand your ground. Most dogs will stay away from you if you do not run, fight them or show fear. Walk slowly away without turning your back. Don't stare them into eyes.

If you see them at some distance, change your direction and move away from them. Ask locals if there are dangerous dogs on your routes trough forests around cities.

If dogs is really one of your fear, some 'anti-dogs whistles' exist as well and can be purchased in a lot of outdoor shops or internet. You don't hear the whistle as they only emit in some very annoying frequencies for dogs.

Dogs chasing bikes

Dogs like to chase cyclists. RSPCA's Canine Aggression FAQs instructs:

Dismount and place the bike between you and the dog. This allows you to slowly wheel it far enough away to remount. Do not try to outpace the dog as this may encourage it to chase you.

Dog bite

Usually you can treat dog bite simply by washing it with soap, but it might still be good idea to show it for a doctor. If the wound starts turning red or skin feels tense for a while, go to hospital. If you feel sick after the bite, get yourself to the hospital very quickly. You're basically risking to have bad inflammation or blood poisoning.

If you don't have rabies vaccination or the dog is visibly ill, always go to see doctor.


Although squabs are eaten in many countries around the world, It is a bad idea to eat a city pigeon.

Rats and mice

Don't store food in your backpack over the night in houses where you might have mice or rats, if you can avoid it. They might even go as far as eating a hole into your rucksack to get a bite of that smelly french cheese. Put your food into a plastic bag and hang it on wall or somewhere high.

Insects, cockroaches

Same warming as with Rats goes with cockroaches. In warm countries such as India or around Southeast Asia you better hang your food in mid air with rope if you can or have a plastic container.