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Riga is small enough that it can be covered easily on foot - the major attractions and locations anyway. Public transport is very expensive due to the company that runs it being a corrupt black hole for finance. If you are a traveler you might get away with blackriding if caught, but the controllers are often rude and aggressive and have private security (Koblenz) guards with them. Sometimes work in tandem with waiting municipal police - be aware! They're money-grubbing gangs working in symbiosis.

Mrkvon's blackriding experience from June 2015: out of 7 travels in public transport I met control twice. Once in trolleybus: they were waiting between stops with police; three men wearing yellow reflex vests, entered the vehicle, didn't let anybody out. Checked fast, asked blackriders to get out with them. When I didn't speak Russian, Latvian nor English (only Czech and Polish), arrived to city by autostop and didn't have passport (this is Schengen of course), they just let me go. According to my host, police can't take you with them if you refuse to show legal documents as blackriding is not a criminal offence. (Please use this unverified information at your own risk.) Second time it was in tramway, two girls together with security guard wore white t-shirts with traffic control, not that easy to spot. I was lucky to get out before they checked me.

Sixxt bicycles can be rented for quite cheap, and Panda taxi is the cheapest taxi if you need it.


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Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots


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Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Riga.

In the very center it is almost everywhere - the city provides free public wifi that you can catch in some parks, some larger streets, near the central station, and so on. It is called Lattelecom-Free, but if you can't find it, there will definitely be another free wifi connection somewhere nearby.


Local buskers perform in the tunnels near the central station and in Old Riga, as well as Vērmanes dārzs(park). Police generally aren't annoying and don't run buskers off, so they shouldn't be a problem.

Travel destinations

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