Volunteer in Festivals

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Volunteering in festivals can be a nice way to spend time. A lot of festivals, like music festival, are based on the work of volunteers. Most of the work is done by them: serve beers or food, cook food, build stage/toilets/everything, carry a lot of stuff, help for communication/organization, feed the artists and others volunteers, clean, help people to park theirs cars and on and on.

Usually when you are volunteering in a music festival, you will get food, accommodation (a place to put your tent), beers, and you can see some of the shows. You usually don't work all the duration of the festival, but you switch with others volunteers, so you can have a rest and enjoy the festival. Volunteering in festival is really fun, you can meet a lot of interesting people, and you don't spend money. It's harder to find a volunteer job in big festival, and the work is usually less fun. You feel more implicated in little ones.

Most of the festival take place during summer. If the people who are attending the festival are not sleeping on site, you might not get an accomodation, ask the organizer, usually they will find a place where you can sleep.

Festivals known to take volunteers