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Ghent (Dutch; Gent, French; Gand) is a city in Belgium.


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If you need a good meal, you can go to the subsidized student restaurants (Sint-Pietersplein, Overpoortstraat). Just ask the student next to you in line at the pay desk to use his student card. This way you'll have to pay about 4€ for a decent meal. I suggest "De Brug" in the Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat (Locations of student restaurants: [1])

In a city with the most density on vegetarian restaurants per capita, as a vegan you have a few hotspots too. Like the restaurant in Reep 14 with a Lunch all you can eat buffet for 12€. And it has free WIFI - Enjoy!

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Ghent.

You can get free internet access at the university library “de boekentoren,” or in English “the book tower.” It's a big tower located at Blandijnberg, near Sint Pieters plein (which is not same as Sint Pieters station). Just log in as anonymous.


Apparently you need a permission to busk in Ghent: 16 € a day, 37 € a month for solo buskers. For bands with 5 members or more 73 € a month.

a Facebook campaign to make busking free in Ghent.

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Free Lockers

The Public Library has free lockers. You can find it at the Woodrow Wilson square (De Zuid), it's a big building with the letters 'Bibliotheek' on top of it.