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Nomadwiki is a wiki for nomads. It is started by some of the same folks who brought you Hitchwiki, Trashwiki and more.


Can content be commercial?

Yes, but keep out expensive stuff. Only stuff along lines "free/very cheap". Including cheap airlines/buses, cheapest indoor stays among squats, free camping locations in cities, etc...

Why Nomadwiki

What to do with info that doesn't really fit to touristy, to Hitchwiki nor to Trashwiki. There's always been, but that's more for hospitality info. BeWelcome has it's own wiki and some city articles have kind of touristy info and some cool bar tips, but that mostly overlaps with Wikivoyage and CouchWiki currently. Also Sharewiki exists, but doesn't really fit what we had in mind.


  • Some time ago Stew wanted to add info about cheap/free places to stay overnight to Hitchwiki. This was rejected as it's out of subject and especially since we don't want any commercial info to be in that wiki.
  • In HitchGathering FB group there has been lots of info about destinations and spots to arrange events. For example huge complex of abandoned hotels in Croatian beach. This sort of info doesn't really fit Wikivoyage concept.
  • One Italian vagabond has been writing about busking to Hitchwiki lately. It seems this info is being taken off as it's out of subject.
  • Tomi was gathering cool info about tramping in South-America to google docs. That sort of info (about what to eat from trees, where are the best remote beaches to camp...) would be nice to have somewhere more permanently.


We set up as an experiment, but the name is quite bad... also it doesn't have so clear focus. Would be cool to rename that to "Nomadwiki", "Vagabond wiki" or "Trampwiki" or something like that and think of clear focus for the contents and get some active people behind it.

I also found this nomad FB group another day: — it's bunch of resources (under files) I think it could be good base for some sort of nomadwiki.

Also there could be space for a separate buskwiki, we could just copy the current busking contents from Hitchwiki for the starters. If somebody knows some busking communities on internet, lemme know!

The name

There was a discussion here that led to the name Nomadwiki:

The votes

  • Nomadwiki guaka Jona Mikael Rémi Jeroen P. quite Tau
  • Trampwiki guaka
  • Wanderwiki Rémi Jeroen P. bumpy
  • Wanderingwiki
  • Strollingwiki
  • Journeywiki
  • Shelterwiki
  • Freedomwiki
  • Everywherewiki
  • Potholewiki
  • Worldgoers
  • VergeWiki
  • MarginWiki
  • MarginalWiki
  • EdgeWiki
  • RoverWiki
  • ViaViaWiki
  • WayfarerWiki
  • bumpy
  • Koen
  • FreetravelWiki Koen
  • NeonomadWiki
  • FlaneurWiki


  • Cheaptravelwiki guaka
  • Sharewiki guaka
  • guaka

Other ideas

There are some other ideas: - - and maybe this also connects somehow with