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Kyiv (Київ), also known as Kiev (Russian: Киев), is the capital of Ukraine.


Good metro and buses around the city, pretty hard to blackride but so cheap that you really don't want to do it..

Accommodation & Wild Camping

Lots of wild camping spots along the Dnepr, lots of hosts on free hospitality networks.


Kyiv is a bit hard dumpster diving but still possible at big supermarkets.

Table diving from various fast food restaurants works fairly well.

Shower & swiming

Add info pls


Free wifi in many places, libraries with free computers also. Universities are good places for this.


Especially after last 2014 crisis and war, ukranian currency dropped down its value almost the double.. won't earn that much..1E is about 16grinis which means to get 10E it will take you ages with banknotes of 1 and 2 grinis..(sometimes you get 5 and some very rare times also 10..which is still 0.7E..)

Still a very good option to meet cool people and find a host from the streets, Meydan is overcrowded of buskers, street cheaters, etc, Kontraktova pl. is a good alternative, both in the square and the main metro exit.

If you busk inside have usually around 30-40 min before the guards come to kick you out, they should be polite usually, though you won't be able to play anymore after.

Second Hand Shops

"Laska" is a good charity shop close to Zoloti Vorota subway station, but it may seem a kind of expensive. There is a huuuuge second hand goods market on the Lisova subway station, everything is really cheap.

Cool Places

  • Partkom gallery -- Reitarska St, 2, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Living Room cafe
  • There is a nude beach on the Trukhanov island
  • There are free screenings and exhibitions on the Iljinska street, 16 (Facebook page)
  • Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya street and Andreevsky descend are places to walk

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