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Milano has a efficient public transport system, and is very easy to blackride. There are gates at subway stations which can easily be jumped or sneaked following people, be careful cause personnel can stop and fine you, just don't let them see you. Checks on tramways and buses can happen, just pretend as the stupid foreigner who didn't know anything and can't speak italian, most probably they will let you go, if you have a regular document the fine very hardly will get to your real place, if they ask you for cash/card payment just say you have no money.


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Hospitality exchange community is one of the biggest in italy, there are weekly meetings in Colonne di S.Lorenzo. If the wheather is nice you can also try to find a place for camping in the big Parco Nord (tramway 31, metro line 5); hide well enough cause the suburbs around are not the best neighbourhood in the city. There are several public dormitories where you can find free assistance, though often you can be asked to show you are with no belongings etc.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


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Dumpsterdiving in Milan can work pretty well. Openstreet markets and supermarkets (e.g Lidl in Maciachini metro line 3, soon to be updated on Trashwiki) as any big city in Europe throw away lots of good food that you can easily save, not being very popular nor known the concept you won't find so much concurrence. Free cantines can be found at Caritas, Opera S.Francesco per i poveri and several others, you can ask in Central station "help desk" for homeless or in Piazzale Lodi (metro line 3), in lots of public libraries they should have also addresses, soon to be written here.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Milano.

You have free public wifi in several areas; hereyou can find the map. Cheap internet cafes are all around the city outside from the centre, any call shop for foreigner often have also cheap internet. Public libraries often ask for registration, you can ask some local to give you their user and pwd,


From 2011 Milan has a new very welcoming policy for street performances. There is an official website where you can register and book your position/timetable time by time, you just need a valid mail and address (no matter where) plus practically even if you fail the registration and go directly busking with no registration police normally doesn't care and let you play. All the pedestrian walks from the castle to Missori (via Dante, via Mercanti, Piazza Duomo, Corso Vittorio Emanuele) are very good places, on the website you can also see a map of the official busking spots and bookings from other buskers..

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There are 3 official free public showers.