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Current D6 site is flooded with spam. Not the first time.

What to do?

  • Did the Berlin hackathon lead to a somewhat usable WordPress site?
  • Build a functional D7 or even D8 website, from scratch?
  • Let's move any useful content to

To move



We believe in sharing, adventure, conviviality, fun and abundance. Some of us hitchhike, some of us dumpster dive food. Some of us have worked hard on free software, on Wikipedia. We think it's time to converge these movements of sharing to create a free platform for activists, couchsurfers, artists, free thinkers and free spirits all over the world. We think sharing should go further than the couch. We believe the internet offers opportunities to accelerate the move to a post-scarcity world. We want to create a network based on trust, transparency and cooperation. We want to experiment with trust metrics. We started with base #1: Casa Robino in Amsterdam (not active anymore as per 2012).