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Traumschule satellite.png
Name Traumschule Riebau
Type hackbase, Nomadbase
Started 2003
Last visit 2017
Costs 0 per day (Food and accommodation)
Location Dorfstr- 78a, 29410 Salzwedel


Traumschule Riebau is a hackbase in Salzwedel, Altmark (Germany).

It is an open space and action platform located in Riebau near Salzwedel in the Altmark. It belongs to the Freiräume foundation and is part of a nomadbase network promoting the concept of free learning, self-organized skillsharing and DIY projects.

The 4 hectare wide area contains a former NVA military complex with workshops, a historical train station, some permaculture and fruit trees.

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Project list and infrastructure in german

Hitchgathering 2017 was hosted here. The place is available for future events.