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Budapest's 7th district is famous for its cheap ruin pubs based in abandoned houses, cellars, and factory buildings.


Find info on hitchhiking at Hitchwiki.

Blackrideable and cheap anyways.


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Find info on hosp ex at Couchwiki.

Mall "Duna Plaza" on the northwestern part of the city (metro stop gyongyosi utca) hide some nice spot to lay down on your mat if the wheather is too harsh outside and you haven't found any host. Hills on Buda side of the city are good for wild camping in good season.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


Find info on dumpster diving at Trashwiki.

Food is generally quite cheap compared to the rest of Europe, Dumpster Diving and shoplifting are also possible.

On the top floor of the central market at Fovam ter, there are many food stalls, popular among tourists, most of whom are ignorant fuckers who order what they want but not what they need, i.e. A LOT of leftovers on the table. There are public tables where these fuckers eat and they are not frequently cleaned by workers, thus easy opportunity for table diving. Please do this, even just once or twice. I have seen big sandwiches and baked potatoes and such being left after a single bite. We should make wasting food a crime.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Budapest.

Well, somebody will kill me for putting this here: CEU wifi (on the Nador / Zrinyi ut.) name: ceu-guest pass: Budapest1991 -- it was very handy for me


Forint is not really the best currency to busk, 300Forint are 1€ and the biggest coin you can get is 100..Hungary is generally quite cheap so it is proportioned what you earn with what you spend though it is definitely a smarter option busk in a nearby euro country like Slovakia or even better the richer Austria (Vienna is not so far from Budapest..) and come back with money to spend..

Busking on the Buda side, on the territory of the Buda castle, may be fruitful. There is a tower, and when people go up they hear how you play, then they go down and give you money. you can busk in the main pedestrian street or Deak Ferenci Ter on the Pest side of the Duna or near the National Monuments on the Buda side. Lots of tourists all around the centre and locals as well.

Travel destinations

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Second hand shops

A lot of Humana shops, but they don't accept things, only sell. There is a thrift store on Wesselényi utca 51, and you can bring things (as well as buy) there.

Where to spend time in Budapest

There are some places for nightlife / places to grab a cofffee during the day in the Jewish quarter

  • Ricsi's world jewish street food -- the place ususally has musicians in the evening who play traditional Hungarian music
  • Fekete Kutya -- just a place where locals meet for a shot
  • I reaaally like the place called Massolit -- it is a vintage bookstore, also there is an option to have a coffee, and there is a tiny green courtyard with 3 tables (looks like a countryhouse garden)
  • Another cafe which I can recommend is Terv Presso (also in the downtown)

(be aware that on Sunndays pubs and bars, as well as a lot of other places are closed)