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Find info on hitchhiking at Hitchwiki.

The public transport in Venice is big and well spread. It reaches the mainland several kms far away as all of the inhabitated islands in the lagoon. To move around the historical centre you can (and should also to enjoy it more..) walk it all around, grab a map and if your sense of orientation is good enough you wont get lost too much, though to get the islands (Giudecca, Murano, Burano and Lido) you necessarily need a vaporetto (waterboat) unless you want to swim (more than illegal is not very healthy either..). Try to stay on it as least as possible, to go to Giudecca take it at S.Basilio or Zattere, to go to Lido at S.Elena, to go to Murano and Burano at Fondamenta Nove. Going along the Grand Canal is useless and just expose you to be checked meaningless. You can blackride quite easily but beware of checkings; they are not very frequent but do happen. Some stations have gates, but most of them don't and even where there are it´s easy to sneak in by closely following after someone entering. "Barkastop" is italian for boatstop. Takes some time, but works if you don´t care where to go. To cross Grand Canal in different points than the bridges (Scalzi, railway station, Rialto and Accademia) you have local gondolas for 0.50€ a good cheap experience.

As in May 2015, blackriding is with any kind of public transport very easy possible. There's as good as no ticket controlling in buses and waterboats. Same stations of the islands have gates, but you can easily sneak in while going behind someone. For trains please check the general information about blackriding a train in hitchwiki.


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Find info on hosp ex at Couchwiki.

Wild camping is possible on the Lido (beach) as also in some parks in Mestre (Parco S.Giuliano) try to avoid railway stations since they are never really safe in Italy, exception made for Venice city centre one (S.Lucia) where often travelers or homeless sleep outside. If the wheather is not too cold you can also sleep on any of the thousand banks around the city centre, also the floor is not too dirty often. Though keep in mind that is CCTV city, here you can find all the camera location , lots of them are illegal and under court judgement but this doesn't mean that meanwhile police is not using them.. The hospitality exchange community is not too big and might be better search for a host in Mestre, Padova or Treviso; though there is a significant university and several students living there, who even if not members of internet networks might be willing to help and host you. Campo S.Margherita is the main meeting point where they go after classes. There are some squat (laboratorio Morion in the centre and Rivolta in Mestre), though they can be better to ask and find a host than to sleep inside.

Read about sleeping at the Venice airport.

Edit August 2017: I found a big, beautiful field for camping at the corner of via Torino and Corsa del Popolo, a few hundred meters east on via Torino. It is quite a large field in Mestre, quiet and safe (I only stayed there two nights, but hid my pack in the bushes while I explored Venice); it is protected by a very easy to climb fence and there is not much trash, so I assume not a lot of people go in there. On the corner is a 24hr McDonalds with wifi and power outlets, a humongous grocery store, and about 20 minutes to Venice by bus.

Edit June/2017 We met some kewl guys who brought us to huge abandoned factory where you can place as many places to sleep as many people lives in whole Venice. You need mattrasses and sleeping bag of course. Get out of vaporetto at Bacini. Go trough the brick gate. On left hand side you see the building, just get through the fence, and enjoy. Two vapo stops from there you have also Coop. And if you are into art, this is the best place to enter the Biennale in Arsenale. Dont tell this info to strangers, and dont make parties there, few people living there and its worth to keep this as a secret for as long as possible.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


Find info on dumpster diving at Trashwiki.

In Venice you can dumpster-dive at Coop ijn Piazzale Roma, close to the train station, as well as at Billa and Coop on Lido. Tabling from any of the thousand touristic reastaurants which fill the city is not very well seen by locals but constitute a good option, asking or taking directly, just check out any leftover

I've checked in May 2015 some Coop Markets, but as seemed as if they all had locked their dumpsters. But I found many food at Lidl, where the dumpsters were easily accessible.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Venice.

Lots of restaurants and bars have free wifi access for their customers and if you are lucky there may be no password; internet cafes are bloody expensive and in the universities, classes as libraries, you need a vpn, user and password to login but you can easily ask any student for a favor.


Venice municipality and local police are not really welcoming for buskers, at least from what local buskers say. It appears there are 10 official permits per month to be issued at Palazzo Manin (municipality), that last 15 days and cost 30€ (other buskers source, not verified official news)and of course they are difficult to obtain. If local police ("vigili" or "polizia locale", often in uniform and not civil clothes so you could recognize them in time and run away) catch you playing or performing with no permit apparently they can be really mean, confiscating your instrument or performing tools and taking even your money. Being a foreigner and not speaking local language should help as always but is really better if you distract them and escape. Normal police (Polizia, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza) shouldnt care about you and annoy only street bag/belts/etc sellers, though if you see them run away might be wise take away also your stuff.. About busking places the whole centre, historical Venice is good and full of tourist (though they can be cheap view how expensive is the city), Strada Nova, Rialto and S.Margherita are Vigili's preferred places to go around as also some of the most visible, try to avoid them; Accademia, S.Polo and Frari/S.Rocco should be better. Be careful and talk to other buskers/street sellers asking for advice, there is a good solidarity.

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