Winter retreats

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List of good places to retreat for cold months.

La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

Summer / Spring all year round (really) and very good place to squat or live in nature, not so many tourists as in the other islands. There is a big free spot (a squatted land / house) that is pretty much inside the city of Santa Cruz de la Palma, the people in town call it "barranco de los hippies" some people call it "Casa loca" and others just the barranco, lots of free places to sleep inside the house or for camping around, also some caves with nice people. The town offers very good dumpsters and life goes easy and free all year round. The site is posted at Trustroots, so if you go to La Palma there, it's pinned in the map. Remember that is not the only place in the island, it's just the closest one to the port or airport.

Beneficio, Spain

Up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, this permanent Rainbow village has been a resting point for many travelers for the last... 30 years? Be warned: Very hippie!

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Also up in the (Rif) mountains, this is a very relaxed, small blue Moroccan town. Created and painted blue by the Jews of Andalusia after they were expelled following the Reconquista. You can get a bed for 2 euros in the low season, and if you're into it, there's lots of kif around. Less hustlers, and not as aggressive, as other Moroccan cities.

Granada, Spain

Student city and quite a lot of hippies around, too. Some folks are living up at the mountains in caves, but it's tiny bit cold in a cave during winter months. Average day temperatures are around +13°C/+55°F.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Very nice weathers, probably one of the warmest spots in EU during the winter. Swim almost any day in the winter. Easy to get to - 50€ flights from a lot of places. Totalism Hackbase is a live-in hacklab camp in Lanzarote for theory, hacking and avant art.


The Azores are a group of several volcanic islands situated in the middle of the Atlantic, owned by Portugal - more correctly, they are a distanced autonomous region of Portugal.