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In country::Switzerland

Zürich or Zurich can be a really expensive city, being the largest city in Switzerland.

It is however very easy to live for free. People in Zurich put stuff in the street a lot, often with a sign on saying 'Gratis'. There are some really great things to be found from this. Its good to look in the grey bins next to where stuff has been put in the street, as often there will be great things in the bin too if the person was clearing out their house. The best day to look for stuff is a Sunday. there are also certain times of the year when clothes are put on the streets for collection as well, and 2 main days a year when rental tenancies end/begin so lots of stuff on the streets

there is also a 'free your stuff zurich' facebook page - like freecycle, where people offer unwanted items for free for you to collect from there houses


Find info on hitchhiking at Hitchwiki.
  • Cycling: you can get free bikes from various points around the city from May to October. You need to show ID and give 20.00 CHF deposit. See Zürirollt for more. There are also a lot of abandoned unlocked bikes in Zurich, some need a little work. VeloPlus is a bike shop near the main station (Zurich HB) with a workshop for people to use downstairs. there currently is no squatted social centre with a bike workshop
  • Tram and bus: drivers are not required to check passengers tickets, making it really easy to travel around. There are undercover ticket inspectors (watch for them getting on, in groups of 2-4 with one female bodied person, they usually have black bags with ticket machines inside, and black cop like shoes). There can also be raids on the buses/trams with ticket people and cops.
  • S-Bahn trains: work in the same way, and cover most of Switzerland. Switzerland has a 3 strike rule when it comes to (all types of) ticket fines. You can get away with not paying the first 2, but when the 3rd one comes it is thought to be a lot more serious.


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Find info on hosp ex at Couchwiki.

there are many squats in zurich, but dont expect to just turn up and stay there! (lots of people try this..) going to a voku and asking around is a nicer idea :) in summer - the top of uetliburg mountain, walking along the top away from the city, has a small camping area with a toilet block and a fire place the top of zuriberg as well - the green space (top of the hill) north of the zoo - there are a couple of large huts here (intended for school outings i think!) that are covered - i dont think anyone would bother you there

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


Find info on dumpster diving at Trashwiki.

Dumpster diving is really nice in Zurich. See the trash wiki page for more info.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Zurich.
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is possible - but you are meant to have a license - some people pack up and walk away if they spot the police

Travel destinations

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check hitchwiki for hitching out of zuri - the best spot is the 'sportweg' tramstop one - lots of space, very quick to get to from anywhere in the city, and everyone always gets picked up here super fast