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Akureyri is a city in Northern Iceland.

Second biggest city of the country it is though still very small and calm. It is located along an amazing fjord and close to very interesting and unique site as e.g. the lake of Myvatn (among the best hotspring of the country)


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Akureyri couchsurfing community it's pretty small but active and full of very nice people that stop you in the streets and invite you home while you busk or simply walk around.

If you can't find any host, the local university (northern part of the city, upon a hill) is a very good spot for hitchhikers in need of help, calm and relax. It has plenty of wood around to easily wildcamp it can be used also as a free internet access spot (if you don't have devices there are free computers!) and toilets (not showers though..) that are wide and clean enough to sleep in if the weather outside is not convenient.

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Hackerspaces around Akureyri.

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