Alhama de Granada

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Name Alhama de Granada
Type free hot spring
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Alhama de Granada is a free hot spring in Granada (Spain).

"In the southern region of Andalusia, the evidence of Roman and Moorish rule is hard to miss. But while the most well-known remnants of these ancient cultures (such as the Alhambra palace in Granada) draw the crowds, another, more intimate relic awaits in the small village of Alhama de Granada.

The village of Alhama de Granada, located halfway between Granada and Malaga, is home to one of the best-preserved and oldest thermal baths in Spain. The name itself comes from the Arabic word for baths: “al-hammam.” Here you can see parts of the original 15th century Arab baths, which were built over their Roman predecessors.

Try out the healing waters at the Hotel and Spa of Alhama de Granada (open from April through November) or opt for the free version: various pools of the thermal water outside the hotel grounds.

Foodie Find Nearby: About an hour’s drive from Alhama is the town of Granada, arguably the best city in Spain for tapas. Granada sets the bar for free tapas in Spain, serving up fantastic and filling plates of free food with each drink. The more drinks you order, the better the tapas get!" (source)

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