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Alicante (Spanish) or Alacant (Valencian) is a city and port in south-eastern Spain (Costa Blanca). It has a population around 300-400 thousand and it is a touristic city. Costa Blanca has some beautiful beaches and rather dry and warm weather.


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There is a Tram (actually light-rail) line along the coast connecting the city center - Benidorm and Calp in the north-east. The ticket for central zone costs 1.45 euros and other zones 1.35 eur (March 2019). The blackrideability needs to be verified. In the center (and Benidorm) there are glass doors preventing entering and leaving the station without a ticket. Some further stations are possible to enter without ticket. We didn't meet control during our brief stay (there are sometimes controllers in line L9 - 2 people with a nametag and riding the whole journey). The ticket vending machines are present also inside the tramway.


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Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Alicante.

You can get internet connection in mcdonalds in the center on the main coast street. They don't bother you even if you don't order anything. The plugs are present in the 1st floor.

Municipal library doesn't allow people with big backpacks in. You need to bring your photo to get a library card and internet access.


There are tourists in the city centre and buskers are present. Busking seems to be possible. Still needs to be tested in practice.

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