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Arabic is widely spoken in this world. If you are a travelling nomad, knowing a few expressions goes a long way.

Be Cam? == For how much? , de-facto way of asking for price. Sound it out like it Be-lieve, not bee-lieve

Yalla yalla = let's go , hurry up Halas = Enough , stop Emshi = go away, leave me alone Enta kwayis = You're alright! Amelei for a boy whats up Amlaey for a girl whats up Sahbi my friend Sahbiti my friend female Baad ezna please Minfadlak please Esef sorry Fin el ak ya hmar - where's the food you donkey ?? Afokedu avocado Juzon / Guzon = nuts Mukasarrat = nuts Tisbah alahir good night Cum ser ? How much does it cost?

Gneh = egyptian pounds Kabir/akbar = large/big/great Small = soghaier Etefaana = deal Kol = all Kolo tamam = all good, both phrase and question Enta bethazaar? R u sure , timsah? Enta mishkwayis ya kalb == you are not nice, dog!


Baheb oko - i love you

Bahebek i love for a girl

Bahebak i love u man

Enta mutakid ? R u sure

Enta kadab = you are a liar Waelta kolaha kadabin = your whole family are liars Enta kadab webn kadab = You are a liar son of a liar