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Find info on hitchhiking at Hitchwiki.

You can walk the city, not too big and definitely too expensive the public transport (not possible blackriding)


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Find info on hosp ex at Couchwiki.

Find a host from the streets shouldn't be too hard if you busk in the main street as finding him/her on the internet should be fine. It is quite universitary city (not as Trondheim)and also inhabitated by lots of foreigners working there. Fish market can be another place to meet potential foreigners hosts.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


Find info on dumpster diving at Trashwiki.

Supermarkets in the suburbs/outside of the city (checked the northern area) do throw lots of good food (found tons of bread in a huge open compressor, veggies in other dumpsters etc) go and save it!

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Bergen.
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The main pedestrian street in the city centre is a very good place to busk, lots of people, not too many other buskers and no bothering at all from Police

Travel destinations

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