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City founded in the middle ages. Capital of West Flanders. Near the coast. Population around 150,000.


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Mostly busses, very accessible. Also possible to take a tourist boat or horse and carriage. For three euro's you are able to take busses as much as you want, to any direction, for one hour. You can buy the ticket from the busdriver. At the railstation there's an info point for more options and information.

If you rather don't spent much money: go walking! The center is very small. It takes you 20 minutes from the railstation to the central, big market. If you have good legs, you can see Bruges in two days by walking.

You can take a train to the coast very easily. A cheap destination is Zee-Brugge and Blankenberge. De Haan and Knokke are more expensive.



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Good hostels for hitchhikers and travellers are: Charlie Rockets (Hoogstraat 19), De Snuffel (Ezelstraat) and Bauhaus (Langestraat 133-137).

Hotels are quit expensive. More hosts to be found on: Trustroots and Couchsurfing.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


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Big supermarkets around the city. Mostly open till 18u, some later. Although lots of night shops who are quit expensive.

A lot of cheap and cozy beer pubs in the center.

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Hackerspaces around Bruges.
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