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Brunei is a country in Southeast Asia. In general it is is not a destination for backpackers, but for rich businessmen.

Afternoon of Friday the whole country literally stops — they close shops, head home and practice their faith. The people are generally nice.

History is in the water village - the old town of Brunei. You can experience the traditional cultural lifestyle there. You can take a boat there for B$1.

Brunei is duty free.


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It's easy to hitchhike, no traffic, quiet, mass transport is efficient.



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Accommodation may be a bit pricey but they have a government owned hostel that doesn't really give a damn whether u pay or not, not to mention a pool where u can swim for a dollar.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


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You'll find shops there where you can get abnormally good meals for 1 brunei dollar. That's not gonna happen in Singapore. Basically cheap for a very rich nation.

Nasi katok is traditional B$1 food and the famous ambuyat, a food like no other!

No alcohol in Brunei.


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