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Places of Interest to Nomads

1| Tzong Kuan Temple and China Town - Montañeses 2175

2| Furaibo is a Japanese temple offers acupuncture and other traditional health treatments and is home to a cozy, vegan-friendly restaurant. Adolfo Alsina 429

3| Templo Budista Fo Guang Shan offers courses in meditation, martial arts, and yoga. It has vegetarian cuisine (contact them 24 hours in advance to book a spot for their prix fixe lunch) and hosts vegetarian cooking workshops. Crámer 1733.

4| Jardín Japonés is public park run by the Japanese Argentine Cultural Foundation and has courses in Japanese arts and talks on topics such as nutrition and hand reflexology. Av. Casares 2966

5| Vipassana Buenos Aires – Anumodana Argentina is a meditation community which holds intimate weekly practices in Palermo and Flores. Aranguren 2314 and Arévalo y Niceto Vega

6| Zen Deshimaru Buddhist Association offers sitting meditation (twice a day Tuesday through Friday, in the mornings Saturday and Sunday). They also teach hatha yoga and Japanese calligraphy. Gurruchaga 365

7| Kagyu Tekchen Chöling Institute is a Tibetan Buddhist center offering walking meditation from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Av. Melian 2338