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Cairo is the huge and crowded capital city of Egypt and one the largest cities in Africa.


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Buses cost between 1 and 2EGP depending on the ride. Metro costs 1EGP as well. Just ask your way if you are lost, people are very willing to help.


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There is a very nice café/bar called (waiting for answer) where some intellectuals and actually all kind of people go to have a beer, not fancy at all like the Carlton hotel for example.

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Stuff to do and see

'Geziret el Dahab' Island is a surprising green agricultural island in the middle of Cairo. There is no access by car so the only engine you will see is probably a motorcycle. To get there you can take the Metro until "Al Zahraa". Ask then for the felucca to the island (costs 1EGP one way). A nice place to relax on a sunny afternoon if you get tired of Cairo's car honkings.

Dokki neighbourhood is a cool one to walk around with a fruit market and a lot of trees.

It is fun as well to walk in Khan el-Khalili souk, which is divided in two main parts : on one side of the road and the big bridge-road, you will find the area for clothes and fabric. On the other, spices, and so on.