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Getting into Museums for Free


Most museums charge a fee to enter them. Some of these museums offer deals on certain days of the month/year where the prices are reduced or entry is free. These events are few and far between, and if you are travelling on an uncertain schedule you can only hope to get lucky to arrive close to one of these special days. If you are not either a student or a "youth" (definition varies for each museum/country) you will most likely be paying full price to go to the top museum(s) in each city. To get around this issue, you can try to obtain tickets to get yourself in for free. Many people will throw out their ticket(s) after visiting a museum, and you can use those tickets to "re-enter" the museum. The best places to look for these tickets are trash cans near the exit to the museums property (i.e., not directly adjacent to the exit door.) You can casually walk by each trash can and look into it for a ticket. No one should stop you from grabbing something from the trash, you can even feign that you had erroneously thrown something else out, or just wait for passers-by to leave the area. You can also try asking people near the exit to the museum property, find a "cool" person having a good time, and tell them you have no money but really want to see "X" while you are in town.

Things to Note

  • This usually just works for the most popular museum(s) in the city with lots of people entering during the course of the day
  • Try to stand near the ticket counter and observe what the ticket looks like, and how the purchase is made. You can ask the staff if it's possible to re-enter on the same ticket.
  • Check out the museum entrance. Does security look at the tickets closely? Is it directly adjacent to the ticket counter? Are they stamping the hands of people who leave?

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