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Dakar is the capital of Senegal.


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In Dakar and Ziguinchor there are city buses where a ticket costs either 100 or 200 CFA.



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There are supermarkets in Dakar where you can any type of food. Also there are mangos in the street, the smallest ones start from 150 CFA.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Dakar.

In Dakar you can ask for WIFI in cafes. Also there are really cheap internet cafes called cyber cafes (pronounced si-ber, not say-ber like in English)


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In Dakar, it might be dangerous to swim in the ocean as there are currents sometimes. Always ask a local before you swim or swim at places where everyone swims.

Personal experience, Dakar, September 2015: One guy started talking to me out of nowhere in the street (this can happen a lot and most of the time they are just friendly locals) and asked and answered personal questions and reacted really friendly to everything I said. Then she gave me a pair of earrings that are in golden color, saying that he wanted to give this gift to me because of my positive attitude and because it was his marriage anniversary with his deceased wife who had passed away and the rings belonged to her. I felt very emotional and believed him at the beginning knowing how kind and spontaneous Senegalese people are. And then he asked me if I can give him just a little bit of donation for having given me such expansive golden earrings. It is a scam in Dakar, some local people later told me, and you should just walk away if that happens.