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Gas exploration in the area has started, therefore there is now a sandy track that goes from the main road to the crater.

The turnoff is around 1,5km South from the point where the railways cross the main-road. Coming from the North, you must get-off at the top of a small climb where 2 side roads in every direction are facing each other.

Turn left on the sandy track and follow it for about 7 kms. There is a gas well (under construction in april 2012) after 5 kms and many trucks travel all day long between it and the main road, and getting a lift is easy. To the crater itself, follow the road for another 2 kms.



Wild camping places around the crater are good.

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Do not forget to stock up water. If coming from North, there are some chaikanas 1km before the railways line where you can buy water.Derweze was a town in Turkmenistan until it was destroyed.

Read more about the history of the town from Wikipedia.