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Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.


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Blackriding is impossible as you pay the driver on entering the city buses.

You need the exact change of GBP 1.70 if you are over 15.


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There are a number of sizeable parks right in the centre of the city, e.g. The Meadows South of the Royal Mile and the hills around Arthur's Seat. Especially the latter should be a good spot for spending the night provided you're a bit stealthy - remember you're in a big city, even though this part has a very rural appearance.

The Pentland Hills are a perfect location to camp with almost no hindrances whatsoever. The further you walk up the hill - the more spectacular the views of Edinburgh become. The hills are reasonably remote/peaceful with a lot of woodland and long grass for camping. The Pentlands are situated to the very south of Edinburgh and can be seen from almost any location in Edinburgh (note do not get confused with Arthur's Seat). The hills very noticeably have a ski slope on it which resembles the shape of the UK - head in that direction taking the 4, 15 or 16 Lothian Bus (25-45 minutes from centre).

Cramond Island can be good for camping, beware the tides! Brief camps in Rosslyn Glen. Longer stays at nearby Bilston Woods Anti Road Protest Camp.

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Hackerspaces around Edinburgh.

The Forest Cafe


Middle Meadow Walk

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