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Nomads are people of many talents and skills. They may want to share those skills for locals, other travelers in spaces. From artists seeking gallery space to dancers, seeking to put on a performance. While they can use public spaces, like streets and plazas; they may need indoor locations, locations with infrastructure and equipment (audio-visual). This page ads those spaces / venues that are open to money-less cooperation.

Generic Spaces

  • Universities - Often empty in evenings, weekends and holidays; universities often have alot of free space. they are often classed as charities, or have a corporate social responsibility remit to offer free space. You can do it the official way, by contacting their marketing departments or a better way. Go through staff pages or google a staff member (lecturer, professor) with similar interests to you or your event. They can usually book a room or space for you.
  • Churches -
  • Charities -

Safe Spaces

If you organize an event, why not organize it as a safe space.

Selected Event Spaces

United Kingdom

  • London - Open Workshop Network is a growing network of the open-access workshops across London, including the city's assortment of makespaces, Fab Labs etc.
  • London - Scientology have a space which they rent out for free for any community events, non profit or charities. Chapel with 100 seated, conference room and seminar room available. Email [email protected] or 02072462700.
  • Microsoft Reactor London is an space for presentations & networking.

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