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Georgia is a gorgeously beautiful country located in the Caucausus.

Some of its former regions like Abkhazia and Southern Ossetia are now de facto parts of the Russian Federation, using Russian money and being patrolled by Russian army. Because of the mostly general western diplomatic refuse of this, it is often referred to as an occupation (by Georgians firstly).

Georgian language is quite as weird and strange as its alphabet, though some basics are not difficult to learn in few weeks hitchhiking around and with no idea of Russian.

Most of people do speak Russian very well, even if some of them is not so happy to do it.

In remote areas, you might be surprised by how random villagers speak very well various European languages like Spanish or Italian, due to work immigration.


Hitchhiking do work extremely well as in most of former soviet countries.

Be careful in very touristic zones such as Svaneti since, due to the lack of local transportation, people often take around tourists asking for money, illegal taxi style, and no matter how poor you want to look but you might easily be confused for a normal tourist view since most of them are mountaineers/outdoor lovers.

Local transportation is also quite cheap.



Spontaneous hospitality is simply amazing.

You will be surprised by the extreme ease with which any kind of people (clearly of course more in non urban areas) can invite you home to eat, sleep, drink (they drink really really a lot, wine, vodka, chacha, anything) or simply chat and laugh.

Wild camping is also largely accepted and often asking for a good place for your tent you will find a comfortable bed, couch, plenty of food and alcohol.

Meet fellow travellers on hospitality exchange networks: Trustroots, BeWelcome


Staying away from cities you could easily be fed as a fat king without spending any money.

Generally the price for street food are more than affordable.

Try Khachapoori (fasuli is the best one).



In Tbilisi works pretty, as probably also in Batumi.


Georgia has visa free entry for people from many nationalities. It makes it the visa hub of the Caucasus. Though it's almost impossible to cross into Russia from here if you're not from a former Soviet country.

In Tbilisi you can make visas to Azerbaijan.

In Batumi to Iran.


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