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Herceg Novi is a little town, located at the Bay of Kotor. In summer, it's crowded with Serbian tourists.


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Wild camping

If you happen to get stuck in this border town, or arrive very late and in need of a place to sleep. You can put your tent next to the Savina Monastery. You can also make use of their toilets and shower. (Or just walk down and take a dive in the sea!)

There's also a spot near city centre, at the shore. If you walk on the walkway (Šetalište Pet Danica) along the water that passes Fortress Forte Mare, walk South/East, passing the fortress on your left, and you'll find a stone staircase shortly after on your right. Walk up there and pitch your tent on the shadowed flat ground opposite the stairs. You'll have to move in the morning, as the walkway is used, but you should be good by night.

If you go forward to the south, there is a nice hidden spot to sleep in front of the see at Meljine authentic beach. A few people will be there having some drinks but there is a quiet place. When you arrive to the beach, walk along the shore on you're left. The passage is very narrow but you don't need to wet your shoes. We were three guys to sleep there with our sleeping bag. Only one person passed from 11pm to 10am.

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