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Check out the many hiking trails around Hong Kong and its islands. The longest one, Maclohose Trail, is a 10-part, 100 km hiking route that runs from the east (Sai Kung) to the west (Tuen Mun). Challenging, with great view of the countryside and the city.

There are numerous other routes of various difficulties and lengths. Almost all are clearly signed and accessible by public transport (usually buses or minibuses, metro works mostly for urban areas).


It is not possible to blackride on buses or minibuses as you are expected to pay the fare on boarding. On metro it may be possible to jump the gates or tag along with the person in front of you, but look out for bureaucratic staff.

Hitchhiking may be possible in some remote areas, although some drivers may expect you to pay. Better ask before accepting a ride.

Accommodation & Wild Camping

Camping is permitted at designated spots, most of them located in country parks and outer islands. Usually equipped with stone stove to make fire in, some are equipped with toilets and even showers.

Stanley Beach in the south of Hong Kong Island does have showers and it's unlikely to be disturbed by police since the area is somewhat fancy. And if you didnt set up a tent you can still pretend to enjoy the romantic of the beach and the sea.

Kowloon Park in Tsim Sha Tsui is closed after midnight, but the main gate is not too much of a problem, you can crawl under it, or jump over it at its sides. Or you can wait somewhere until you are locked in.

There are some paths around Langkwaifok, on concrete walls (for example, go up Wing Wah Lane, turn left, take the stairs and you end up on one of those paths). They lead to hidden, let's call them courtyards, but with a bit luck you can find your own hidden welcoming part of concrete.

You could also try to get on rooftops, for example in Kennedytown. Tsam Shui Po should also have some buildings with accessible rooftops.

Shower & swiming

Showers are available in sports halls throughout the city for free (Each district has at least one), you don't have to be using the facilities to enter the shower rooms.


For cheap fruits and vegetables, go to a wet market near closing time (usually around 6-7pm) to look for bargains.

So Boring: a pay-as-you-feel vegetarian (sometimes freegan) restaurant, offering vegan food as well. Menu changes frequently. Shop7, Tak Cheong Lane, Yau Ma Tei (Yau Ma Tei MTR Exit A) More info: https://www.facebook.com/wearesoboring/ http://m.openrice.com/en/restaurant/151386/yau-ma-tei-so-boring


Free wifi is available in public space, libraries, and many shopping malls. See MTR and GovWifi


There have been number of cases of local performing artists, including buskers, portrait artists and musicians being prosecuted for accepting money in public. The view of Hong Kong police officiers is that suc hactivities is regarded illegal begging.

Cool Places

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