How to find cheap flights

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Finding cheap flights is a nice skill. Hitchhiking is a good way to get around but how can you get to other continents if you don't have oceans of time?

Search engines

  • Skyscanner is a great way for finding cheap flights. Choose "whole month" or even "whole year" for this to work properly.
  • is a real time aggregator and search engine that monitorizes all the deals published by sites like TravelPirates, SecretFlying, Fly4Free, Flynous, TheFlightDeal, etc... If subscribed it notifies the user each time that a deal is published (via browser notification) and it has a daily newsletter.
  • HelloWings is a good tool for comparing across multiple low cost airlines at once and on a full year price chart. Has good coverage of LCC(Asia, Europe, Middle East, even America, showing full year prices of Southwest), great for a long term backpacking trip.
  • is a specialized low-cost search engine. It can combine diff. carriers (up to 3 changes), search by region (from: Scandinavia, to: Mediterranean), search in long time windows (June-October), has data form 45+ LCCs (mostly European and Middle-eastern), works fast
  • Azuon is Windows program that has many low-cost airlines in its database such as Ryanair, Norwegian, Wizzair, AirAsia and many more.
  • ITA's Matrix lets you search in advanced ways.
  • Drungli is very simple search tool for flights in EU, but it covers some cheaper airlines (eg. Ryanair).
  • Kayak
  • Hopper Flight research tools.
  • airixo nice presentation, allows for search to 'anywhere'. Limited to Europe.
  • skypicker maps options, allows for search to 'anywhere'.
  • GoAvio (former JetMap) shows routes for low cost airlines but doesn't have a search. Especially good for European connections; outside Europe it's not always up to date. See airliners list
  • SkipLagged finds "Hidden City" connections, sometimes it's cheaper to book a flight to a third city, and you simply don't board the last plane.
  • Jetcost Compare different search engine - they also list companies that scam their customers though

Avoid scams

Other useful resources

Promotions & error fares:

  • is a budget airline that connects the U.S. with Central America.
  • [1] lists budget airlines by country.