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  • Visitors of most countries still need to apply for a visa before traveling to India.


Passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of visa application with at least 2 blank pages available within the passport.

Visa requirements

All foreign nationals need visa to enter India. Only exceptions to this rule are nationals of Nepal and Bhutan.

Types of visa and cost

There are other categories for specialised purposes. The missionary visa is mandatory for anyone who is visiting India "primarily to take part in religious activities". This rule is meant to combat religious conversion, particularly of Hindus to Christianity. There have been cases where preachers have been deported for addressing religious congregations while on a tourist visa. You don't need to be worried if you are just on a religious tour of churches in India.

If you are on a Student, Employment, Research or Missionary visa, you need to register within 14 days of arrival with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office where you will be staying. If the place you are staying at doesn't have one, you need to register at the local police station. All visitors who intend to stay more than 180 days also need to be registered.

  • Tourist Visa: If you are coming to India on a holiday to explore the country, then, tourist visa is for you.
  • Business Visa: For a business related trip, you need to apply for the business visa.
  • Student Visa: For study purpose in India is the student visa.
  • Transit Visa: It is meant for transit passengers only, to enable them to travel through India to reach the ultimate destination.
  • Missionaries Visa: This visa is for people coming to India to act as missionaries.
  • Employment Visa: Meant for skilled professionals or those people who have been appointed by Indian companies, organizations, firms, etc.
  • Journalist Visa: Professional journalists and photographers visiting India should apply for the Journalist visa.
  • Conference Visa: It is issued for attending conferences/seminars/meetings in India.
  • Research Visa: For research purposes, a research visa is issued.
  • Entry Visa: It is given only to persons of Indian origin or the family members of a person employed in India.

Depending on your purpose of visit, you can get a tourist visa (six months ~US $60, one year ~US $75), a business visa (6 months, one year or more, multiple entries) or a student visa (up to 5 years). A special 10 year visa (US $150, business and tourist) is available to US citizens only. Note that some Indian embassies only offers visas to residents of that country: this means you should get your visa before you leave home, instead of trying to get in a neighboring country.

Useful tips

It's wise to ask for a multiple entry visa even if you aren't planning to use it - they cost the same, are handed out pretty liberally and come in handy if you decide last minute to dip into one of the neighboring countries.

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