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An internet connection has become a necessity for modern nomads. Common places for free internet include cafés, restaurants, libraries and public transport hubs such as airports or trainstations.

You might want to get stronger wifi transmitter for your laptop computer to catch weaker wifi signals. Computers also have stronger wifi transmitters than mobile phones.

Free city wifis

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List of cities with city(center) wide free wifi:

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Free wifi on Public transport

Getting around time restricted wifis

Sometimes free wifi at airports is restricted to something like 15 minutes. You can often go around this limit by changing your computer's MAC code. Here's how:

Mac address spoofing software

Hotspots accessible with passwords

Many internet providers turn their clients' routers into hot spots that can be used by their customers. For example, Belgacom in Belgium has turned many routers into FON hotspots. Chances are that well connected locals know some of these access codes. Also, you can find FON routers across the globe.

Finding cafe wifi passwords

You can get the WiFi password for many establishments by checking the comments section of FourSquare. If you have an android phone you can use the app Venue Spot to get the WIFI password posted on FourSquare (without creating a account on it) near by.

It may be interesting to know how to recognize warchalking marks of WIFI.

Hacking wifi

File:Wifi antenna2010.JPG
A wifi antenna can come in handy for hacking

Cross border mobile internet in the EU

As of July 2013 there's a 50 cent per MB cap for cross border mobile internet within the EU.

Here's an overview of prepaid providers and their cross border EU pricing:


  • Standard Mobile Vikings gives internet for 15 cent per MB
    • several roaming EU packages, 350 MB/month for 20 euro
    • these amounts are based on money you already used to charge your credit, so it's actually cheaper if you reside in Belgium and e.g. use the 2GB/month package for 15 euro



  • 50 MB in 7 days for 5 euro, you can charge with a credit card
  • Simyo 50 MB in 7 days for 5 euro
  • Aldi 60 MB in 7 days for 5 euro, only possible to charge with code bought in German Aldi stores


  • gives you 10 MB of roaming data in the EU for 2 euro per day, or 100MB in a week for 15 euro.


Orange Spain has 100Mb for 1EUR/day

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Darknet. This is a great place to learn and teach about how to use computers anonymously in order to protect yours and others privacy.