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Knife is always a big question and the choice of which one can fire some heated debates amongst travelers! For sure you will use one, and it is so nice to have one with you.

What type of metal?

  • Carbon blade are much easier to sharpen and they cut really well. On the other hand, they are less resistant to 'torsion', and they rust, so be careful to always dry them carefully!
  • Stainless steel are rust free and therefore often chosen by travelers but they don't cut as well.

Some nice nomad knifes

  • The classic French Opinel, simple, resistant, efficient, nice wooden style. Available in both carbon and stainless, from different sizes: number 8 or 9 are good sizes. Don't forget to lock it with the Virobloc twist lock, as you can cut yourself very deeply if is not locked. Count around 8€. An awesome quality/price ratio.
  • Swiss knife are a bit more heavy and expensive but have more possibilities and the blade is of a nice quality.
  • Another French knife, Laguiole. They are quite expensive but of a good quality, and often have a corkscrew which is missing on the Opinel and without all the other debatable accessories of the Swiss knife. Be careful, the brand 'Laguiole' is not legally protected so there are many fake Laguiole, from Asia or even France, make sure you get a real one if you pay the price for it.