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Accommodation & Wild Camping

Around Bagrati cathedral there is a large park you can camp inside. if not, even safer solution is going to gelati monastery (10 km away), far from the city, very calm and quiet, good water and neighbourhood. You can arrive hitching if not, there is a minibus starting behind the main square (theatre) at 19:00 (last one) costing only 40 tetri (20 eurocent) the way back with no reason costs the double but anyway is less than half euro..

Shower & swiming

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Cool Places

Abandoned soviet sanatorium complex 1O km away from town /19 sanatoriums and 9 bathhouses/. You will meet refugeesno worrys they are friendly. You can camp there https://www.golivegotravel.nl/en/asia-en/urbex-tskaltubo/

Hitchwiki & Trashwiki

https://hitchwiki.org/en/Kutaisi https://trashwiki.org/en/Kutaisi