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Gran Canaria is a great island for nomads, There are some communities to visit, beautiful nature to explore and lots of beaches to camp. Las Palmas is the capital and is always full of travelers of all kinds. Every winter there are many people trying to hitchhike a boat across the Atlantic. Around this time you will meet many interesting people who sleep on the beaches and try their luck in the marina every day.


Find info on hitchhiking at Hitchwiki.

Busses are available, but not very cheap. There are free city-bicycles to use for up to an hour after you create an account for a small fee. A great way to get around Las Palmas. You also might want to consider to buy a small skateboard(penny board) at the Cash Converters shop.


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For those who plan to stay on the island for a while, there are many hostels in Las Palmas that offer volunteer positions. Yoú'll have a free bed and maybe even some food in exchange for a couple of hours help around the hostel. Couchsurfing is also doable in Las Palmas. If you prefer camping somewhere near the city, Confital beach is the place to go. Just walk as far as you can find a nice spot. If you walk up the hill from Confital beach you will find several caves. A few people live in these caves. If you are looking for a spot with shelter this might be your best option, just be prepared for a little hike to get there. Other beaches closer to the city center are also okay to camp if it is just for a night, be prepared for the noise of the tractors that clean the beach at night though. Also the parks might look like a great place to put your hammock but be aware of the sprinklers. I met a Polish guy who guy who got unpleasantly surprised in the middle of the night by one of them. Remember: If the grass is green, there are probably sprinklers around.

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Food is surprisingly cheap for an island because of a special tax rate. You can find beers for a cheap as 90 cents in a bar/restaurant. Prices of food and drinks in the supermarket are comparable to prices in the Spanish mainland. Tip: at the bakeries and supermarkets you can buy five chocolate bread sticks for 1 euro.(dec 2017) Haven't tried dumpsterdiving, but assume that in the city it will be hard to access the dumpsters of big supermarkets.

Internet connectivity

Hackerspaces around Las Palmas.

Most of the cafe's and restaurants have wif and there is always a McDonald's nearby. the McDonald's at the big roundabout was my favorite. Not too busy, clean bathrooms downstairs, reliable wifi and there are outlets available.


I met some people who tried busking with succes. I Don't know the situation with permits, but as long as you are not staying in one place for too long it should not be a problem. Many Africans are selling their products illegally near Canteras beach, but they always make sure they can move quickly in case the police shows up.

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The marina in Las Palmas is a really popular place for boat-hitchhikers. I found my boat to the Caribbean there after 4 days just hanging out at the Old Sailor's bay bar. If you would like to meet interesting people the marina is a good place to go. couch:Las Palmas